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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Transgendered Cats

Transgendered cats become a problem.

The females prowl the alleyways all night, fighting and spraying the hell out of everything.

Meanwhile, the toms grow their hair long and preen like Grand Duchesses in the window seat.

Clergy become alarmed.

They urge people to buy dogs instead.

"It's all that catnip," says Mrs. Mumbly, deliciously scandalized.

"It's a sign of the end times," says Herbert Straight, with a knowing nod.

The transgendered cats march on Washington.

Being cats, this doesn't go smoothly, but eventually they all make it.

"Kitty, kitty," says the president.

"Oh please," say the cats.

America and the transgendered cats stare at each other.

Cats never blink, but,

Mrs. Mumbly swore that one of them winked at her, and that she'd never seen such brass.

Transgendered cats.

It's happening now.




  1. WHERE do you come up with this stuff??? This is brilliant :)

  2. Wow, that font is as big and as red as this poem is funny and quirky.

  3. I sure like a font ya can read, especially when the reading is worthy. And your sure IS, are, was, oh well, I enjoy your work. -smile!
    Steve E.

  4. OH! BTW, I want to play. Please Send me a letteR! Just kidding with the "R", but I DO ask for a letter.
    Steve E.

  5. It's a sign of the end times - great line. And then the names you picked Mrs. Mumbly and Herbert Straight - Classic Shay. I could write a dissertation on this post.

  6. I thank you. The cats thank you!

    RK, somehow I just knew you'd like a cat poem LOL.

    Steve, your letter is "B"!

    Pouty, Dickens must be rolling over in his grave lol.

    T and Kristin, you have no idea how glad I am that you both came along. :-)

  7. I have a male and female cat and I have to agree that they are all mixed up.

    I enjoyed it.

  8. I'd love to prowl the alleyways fighting and spraying the hell out of everything just once...if I could. ;)

  9. This is hilarious--and I'm happy you found my blog via Daryl. Thanks for the visit. Congratulations on your sobriety! And I love your music choices--I'll be back soon for more reading & listening.
    Have a wonderful day.

  10. This is hilarious! JilliJava sent me over and your blog is great! If you don't mind I would like to add you to my blogroll!
    Transgendered Cats...this is great!

  11. Hehe K. All of my poems are from real life! ;-)

    Thank you, Shadow!

    Haha, I don't doubt that for a minute, Scarlet, you wild child.

    Heyyyyyyy, Nonizamboni! I'm glad you like Word Garden. I certainly like your blog!

    I'd be honored, Gabriella. As for the poem, I did amuse myself rather muchly while composing it. it was fun. :-)

  12. It's not the end times, darling. It's just one more example of the feline agenda at work.

  13. LOL! The feline agenda. I LOVE it!!!!

  14. frickin hilarious! i'm loving meow mix poems! Purrrrrrrrrr

  15. I had a good ole time making this one up, K. Sometimes I just quack myself up! The pussycats at Word Garden are glad you like their poems!


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