Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Buddy Is Sick

There's no friend like a puppy or a dog, and as all of my regular readers know, my friend is Bosco. You can see his picture by clicking the stand-alone page on the top bar.

Today I took my buddy to the vet because he had been super thirsty and just not quite right and they said they needed to keep him and do some tests. Reluctantly, I left him, and felt like a monster for doing it. Four hours later the vet called with the baby has canine diabetes. He needs to stay for 48 hours while they try to get his glucose level down, and then I'm to come in and learn how to give him his insulin shots. That I can do. He's my furry baby, I would do anything I need to.

From what some very kind friends have told me, it is serious but manageable. Good, because just this little separation has me in tears. I have long thought that children and pets should be exempt from disease, but it isn't so.

Even on my worst days, one look at Bosco's happy face makes me happy again. Even when resources have been scant, I have always managed to keep him in treats and chews, no matter what. When I am lonely, he is my friend, when someone comes near the door, he is my protector, and when I look up, there he is, always. It's very hard for me to be away from him, especially when I know he does not understand.

He's my best friend and I miss him.



hedgewitch said...

Sad news. Sending Bosco and mom virtual hugs and best thoughts and wishes.

signed...bkm said...

Oh are in my thoughts and is so hard to have a sick loved one..and extra hard when they do not understand....blessings and hugs...bkm

mac said...

I hope his visit with the docs is as uneventful as possible.
He'll forget all about the separation the minute he sees you again. Good buddies are like that. They define unconditional love.

You're a lucky girl to have such a good buddy. And,he's a lucky boy to have a wonderful girl like you to hang out with.

moondustwriter said...

aww Bosco I'm glad it was diabetes and not worse. good thing is the shots wont be a big deal Shay - easy on a dog.

big hugs for the loving mama too

I'm like you I would go without for our tribe

Susannah said...

x's & (((hugs))) for you both.

faye said...

Sorry your furry baby is not feeling
well. Good luck with the insulin

Sioux Roslawski said...

As sturdy and tough as Bosco's breed is, a little, quick shot will be nothing bad in his daily routine. But I know how sad you feel over the 48 hours. We worry they don't understand why the separation is happening, we worry that they think we have abandoned them. How wonderful "hello" will be!

Lynn said...

You'll be giving him a daily shot then - sending my best wishes for a full recovery. It is hard to be away from pets, isn't it? I had to have my 17-year-old cat put down last August from advanced kidney disease. The house is so quiet now - I miss that greeting, so can relate.

p.s. Love that song!

Ami Mattison said...

Oh, Shay, I'm sorry. It's so hard when the furry ones get sick! Sending hugs and love to you and Bosco!

ellen abbott said...

oh sweetie! at least it's manageable. it was so painful when out sweet dog died that we have yet to get another dog. I made do with my daughter's dog who would spend his days with me and his nights with his family (they lived next door). but then he was gone too. hope you have many more days with Bosco.

Suz said...

Do your best,that is all you can do
and I think it will be enough to keep your
wonderful companion with you for a long time

Holland said...

I know you can do it... It is not that hard, believe me, to give the shots... make it something that he will relate with a reward.
All the best and a big hug for you both!

Mama Zen said...

Dear Bosco,

Milk it for all it's worth!


Big Snoop

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

you take care of Buddy
and Buddy'll take care of you
that's all you can do :)

Caty said...

I'm sorry :( Hope he gets to come home soon!!

Hannah Stephenson said...

Oh! I hope he's ok, and that you are too. You guys are lucky to have eachother.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Poor Bosco, and poor you with your empty house. I know just how you are feeling! He is going to be one joyous little fellow when you go pick him up. And I know what you mean about their needs coming first. My daughter called once when Pup was still here and I told her, as a matter of course, not even thinking about it, "I have something in the oven for the dogs, and am opening a can of beans for supper." Hee hee. She's a dog person too, she understands completely.

I think you need to buy him one extra special treat or fuzzy toy for his homecoming. It is so good he got diagnosed as you can manage treatments, now you know what it is.

The hardest part is this separation. Poor little guy!One more sleep and he'll be home.

moondustwriter said...

Had to come back to see if any news - hoping he's home with you

Raven said...

Pets really do become part of the family don't they? I don't know what I would do without my cats. I hope Bosco gets better soon.