Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dark Angels

The Queen Of The Vampires, in black panther form,

Sits on the damp sidewalk outside Danny's Coffee Shop.

She turns her golden eyes up to the night sky, as deep and as black as she is.

High above,

Snowflakes form and fall,

Like dark angels

With frozen skins.

She bats at them for a while, then lets them cover her,


By one,

By three,

By hundreds,

Until she is her own Van Gogh Starry Night

Lit by headlights

And the glow from Danny's behind her.

In time,

Because she is a cat,

She will go inside--




Tonight, she will lie down in the front window,

Showing her tail to the warm lit room,

And her sorrow to the stop light

And the passing hours.

Sleep, that tender killer, covers her,

And she finds the one forbidden her

In a made-up dream even vampires need

When the shadows have called

And hidden her.


for One Shot Wednesday #34


hedgewitch said...

A frozen nothing, yet lit by Van Gogh stars and dreams of impossible and infinite things, is not all nothing, but something of its own. This poem is like the cat, regal, able to turn its back, able to wait in the window.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

YES! What she said:)

This is haunting, and beautiful, and rich with wonderful images. I love "showing......her sorrow to the stoplight and the passing hours." Such a lonely cat. So lovely, Shay.

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

purrfect...says Eartha Kitt

too bad Kitty can't make a booty call
what with the no thumbs
and the no cell
and the being a cat and all
and what the hell am I talking about...

you rock


gautami tripathy said...

Rockingly good!

captured memories

Neva Flores said...

Sleep, that tender killer covers her..........awesome!

TALON said...

Sometimes nature can be a benediction.

I imagine (or is it hope) that the QOTV will find someone to curl up with...

Brian Miller said...

prrrrrrrrrrrr.....i love going to danny's...

Cloudia said...

Very sweet and wondrous

Aloha from Honolulu,

Comfort Spiral


moondustwriter said...

Oh gosh Shay - spell bound

the picture of a silhouette of Starry Night too much for me- bite my neck QOTV

signed...bkm said...

Great Shay...now tonight I am going to watch out for my cat....she sleeps in the bed...afraid what she might turn into....bkm

Padmavani said...

Very interesting read...I love the how the poem ends.

Shashi said...

Its very beautiful...
I enjoyed reading your last lines a lot...

'Sleep, that tender killer, covers her,
And she finds the one forbidden her
In a made-up dream even vampires need
When the shadows have called
And hidden her.'

Thanks for sharing..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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Anonymous said...

Sharp and fast and soiled as a cat's fang. Loved the tripartite divinity of vampire, feminine and feline. Holding court with the night until sleep sinks in its own fangs. (Loved that line!). The title didn't serve the poem so well -- if it was meant to be ironic, it read dead. And the poem's brilliant. - Brendan

Mama Zen said...

"And her sorrow to the stop light"

That's a heartbreakingly beautiful line.

Raven said...

Just fantabulous, as usual. You are amazing!

Lynn said...

Seems like it is about something mysterious to me. :) Beautiful Shay.

Kim Nelson said...

So many images I loved here, Shay... My favorite? The reference to sleep. Took my creative energies down a long, windy path. Thank you!

Sara said...

It is so often that we must look to our dreams to find what has been lost to us.

I also loved how you portrayed "The Queen" as a cat. I think you captured it perfectly when you wrote about her going inside "Clearly, Regally, Offended." I can't tell how many times my cat has entered a room with that exact expression!

Daryl said...

I feel so good knowing my first visit back after far too long away from blog reading/blog friends to find myself with The Queen and at Danny's!

Marion said...

Awesome fit for "A Starry Night". I really loved this.


Ami Mattison said...

This poem is heartbreakingly awesome! I love its quietness. And "sleep that tender killer"--get outta here! That's so good. But this poem is great all the way through. Love it!

Kim Nelson said...

BTW Shay~
A print of VVG's Starry Night hangs above my workspace. Have kept one there for many years, in many homes. It inspires

Jannie Funster said...

I'm so gad our cat has a happy life. At least I think he does, he seems pretty content. I wish all cats could have as much love, as they deserve.


ellen abbott said...

fits my mood I suppose. hmmmpf. even the QOTV.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating rhythm and haunting effects! Much enjoyed this....ahhh and cannot resist the love of Van Gogh mention!!!! Excellent choice!

Fireblossom said...

Brendan, you're right. I've changed the title to "Dark Angels."


Lisa said...

i didn't know how much i needed a hit of vampires, in any form, til i read this. reeeallly fabulous poem Shay xx :D

mac said...

Whenever I think of Van Gough, or a stary night, I can't help but think of Don McClean's Vincent. I'm humming it now.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Always love the Cafe posts...intriguing, beguiling, and bewitching indeed.

Thank you for the best part of my reading day!

luv ya

Anonymous said...


I've always loved that painting. I had a poster of it tacked to my wall growing up.