Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Vikings arrive by sea.

They do not want mystery meat.

They do not want mcnuggets.

They find you in your loft with your

Flat screen

And your baseball cards;

By the time they are done, if they wanted it

Then they have tuckit.

On a pike, your silly head.

Held high in bloody hands, your heart.

Boudica arrives by land.

Her back is striped and her face is hard.

She shan't be leaving a calling card.

She will find you in your tudor

Selling amway

Making goose clothes;

By the time she is done, no manolo blahniks in the closet,

No koi pond in the yard.

Your neck a broken stem.

Your head a fallen rose.

The Chase banker sits

With his bald fringe like a Roman--

Meeting Vikings at the close of day

And Boudica in the gloaming.


dedicated to my favorite Viking Grrl

for One Shot Wednesday


Anonymous said...

Yes. I've had similar encounters with Chase.

signed...bkm said...

they can take the amway ---but they are not getting my mcnuggets...bkm

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"held high in bloody hands your heart"......I can see the Viking helmets, and the gore. I especially love "your neck a broken stem, Your head a fallen rose." Killer lines!

hedgewitch said...

I love this poem. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love it. Gave me a laugh. Oh - what if Vikings could behold our society today? Oh they would have a field day. In such commercialism they would run rampant. And for that matter - who doesn't want to go viking on some of these banks and bankers? And Boudica - good reference.

La Belette Rouge said...

Vikings would definitely take Chase bankers by the horns. Love it. Your mind blows my mind.

TALON said...

This was awesome, Shay. It does seem to be exactly like this. I'll be looking at my bank manager differently now :)

Susannah said...

Your neck a broken stem.

Your head a fallen rose.

Excellent lines!

I Love this. :-)

Ami Mattison said...

Big grin! Much to be pilfered in our contemporary consumer society and who doesn't want to do-in that koi pond. I say let them take the bald banker!

flaubert said...

Shay, that last stanza speaks
volumes. Love it!


Lynn said...

Hmmm - Chase bankers, who knew?

Carrie Burtt said...

You know your vikings!! Love this Shay!!! :-)

Mama Zen said...


mac said...

I think we could use a Beserker or two in these parts, too.

Brian Miller said...

kinda glad i no longer work for the bank...the vikings are weak they did not even make the playoffs did they? smiles.

Lisa said...

wonder what the hell they'll do with all the facebook addicts?


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I think I prefer the Vikings to the bankers.


Anonymous said...

How right to try to imagine the fall of America like the Fall of Rome, vandals at our gates, taking possession of something which had already crumbled from within. For some reason this poem makes me think of "60 Minutes" reporter Laura Logan -- one tough, pretty, seasoned journalist -- who was assaulted beaten & raped repeatedly in Tahrir Square last Friday night by a mob of wild revelers. Horrible. Yet it also says our democracy doesn't have the cache it once did ... Brendan

bumfuzzled said...

love the look at our "soft society" and how things used to be :) great job! and by your C and S, we'd come from the same dark world :)

Monty / bum

Steve Isaak said...

Going to be chuckling over this for a while. Clever, exemplary.

Beachanny said...

Maybe I can just hand them this poem when I close out my account when I go home. Savings account indeed. It made 15cents this year! I'm done with Chase but not with you, lass. This rocks! In more ways than one!!!
Thank you...Gay

Shashi said...

Its very beautiful and epic like.. I enjoyed the story...

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