Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh Hai, Flub-possum Here

Oh Hai. Iz me, Flub-possum.

me not feel so gud latelee.

maybe is winterness joy suck...

maybe Ceiling Cat no like my happee azz.

Anyway, peeple gib advice.  Some say turn frown ubside down...

some say contack odder side

some say keep bizzy

odders say be creeateive.

all deez seem much the smartness.

Still, think me fownd problum.

Yay! Now Flub-possum kured!

U gotz odder queschuns, me try find anzers!



Sara said...


I can't believe I'm first one here. I loved this. I giggled all through it. The pictures are great and the writing was so different. Has Flub-possum appeared before and I missed her?

I laughed really hard the angry BBQ and all the pictures of the cats. Where did you find these pictures?

For feeling vacuous, you were very creative. I only wish I could do the same when vacuity hits me in the face:~)

Lynn said...

I like the one with the pony mechanic. :) Hee hee.

I hope you feel better, Shay - I think you've got creative down!

Mama Zen said...

Do you have a personal relationship with Ceiling Cat?

Caty said...

great pics...and love the sense of humor. Hope spring comes quick and melts the "vacuity"

hedgewitch said...

Announcercat with the Beowulf line killed.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Hilarious. I especially love the accent, and "winterness joy suck". I doubt you have a vacuous thought in your head, ever. You are too funny. I think you may be from the odder side:)

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

I iz angry BBQ!

Blue Bunny said...

deeriest my fireblossim, i know the feelings of winter, so i keeps reel bizzie too.

i doing jobbs for my jannie -- kleening klosits, making stews, raking krumbs out of the bed.

i bees kreativ too. my jannie saying in she post she all maeking the tabel senterpieces and sutch she selk, butt she lying throo she teeths. she all drinking beers and la-dee-da all day long, eeting bonbons in front of oprah. wen its reely me doing all shes werks. butt i forgives my jannie. she still on she medikashins, she mite be on for the rest of she life, becuase of she axident wit those forks at the circus.


nice to see yoo agin.

Blue Bunny said...

whops, i maeked a typpo agin.

i writed "selk", butt it shood be "self," of korse! i know you wil be surprized to lern that onse in a wile i maek a mistake wit spelings.

xo agin.

me BB

Hannah Stephenson said...

Angry BBQ is hysterical :).

Hope you feel better soon...

In the meantime might I recommend:

ellen abbott said...

I want a pony mechanic.

TALON said...

lol! Thank you, Shay. Next time I'm at the garage, I'm asking to see the pony first :)

Shadow said...

hai, da sunn will cum sooooon, jus u wait an seeeee

Gabriella Moonlight said...

spring will be here soon thank goodness as we all need some sunshine, in lieu of sunshine I dance, write, pray and take Vitamin D with orange juice!

Love to you and hope you feel better quickly, sending good healing vibes!

xoxox Gabi

jen revved said...

this is too much: you are a true enfante terrible, like me. I'm grateful to be free as well, per your comment on blog just now.

You rock. We'll spar now and then.
And we'll both still rock. xxxj

Marion said...

OMG, you had me at the angry barbeque pit. Too funny. Thanks for the laugh. I needed it!!! xoxo

flaubert said...

This friggin' hilarious!
Thanks for that.


Helen said...

Ooooooo ... that brain! Ten steps ahead of the rest of the world.