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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Versions Of Heaven

In a Lilith Fair version of Heaven,
I met a clover-honey molasses cookie kind of woman
whose skin was like a Spanish shore,
and so I
shipwrecked up against her; softly as a cat.

"Look at you," she said,
"A real foam and lace wave of a woman.
Where's your half shell?"
Oh, her smile,
arch and sweet as a peach.

Now listen, I know
that I am a tyger, a big striped stinky star
with golden eyes 
and toes that end in sharp detail.
I lay on my side in the sand, hoping she would take my teeth for starfish arms.

In a fresh-sheet bed and skylight version of Heaven,
this woman and I, we touched caramel, lavished cream,
saved pink for last, and when we slept, it was in a cradle of waves.
How hammock-easy were my dreams.
How contented were my cat-sounds in the jewelry box of her arms.

In the morning she said, "Tyger mine and Tyger sweet,
did She who made the Lamb make thee?"
She laughed and offered me an orange section, 
then went out to the veranda.
Oh, imagine my surprise to find
my claws and stripes turned back the way they used to be,

so I spread them wide, my shoulder-wings
wet from the surf and drying now 
in the spilled divinity of early light.

for Turning Pink at Real Toads.


  1. Shay--This is beyond sensual. God! It's gorgeous.

  2. Its a beautiful read, well done!

  3. divine, sublime, true Fireblossom storytelling! love this!

    "spill the wine take that pearl"

    god, i haven't heard that song in AGES!

  4. This is absolutely breath-taking :D
    Bravo! Enjoyed it :D

  5. As always you find the fresh language, the unique image, the one that no one else could think of or see, here deliciously sweet, transformative, and also, not something possibly one would want to meet in a dark alley, but under the pink dawn light, purring, just perfect. Beautiful, evocative, and very rich. My favorite line(besides the clover-honey molasses) is "...I lay on my side in the sand, hoping she would take my teeth for starfish arms...." (!!)

  6. Such a rich and luscious love poem, Shay. That third stanza is a marvel all its own.

  7. Yes, lovely. I agree with Hedge re starfish line. Thanks. k.

  8. I think this is the most incredibly beautiful and sensuous thing I ever read!

  9. WOW:
    "How hammock-easy were my dreams.
    How contented were my cat-sounds in the jewelry box of her arms."

    ANd she didn't take you to pieces! To be whole in the morning! To have dreams that wholesome and colorful!

    Bravo on capturing this--or creating this--in words. ANd the music works too, but not as well as the words.

  10. How is it possible for your to be getting even better?!

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  11. Incredible. Shay, this is just so good.

  12. I need a cigarette and I don't even smoke; your poem, however, did. Thanks Shay La LA

  13. I agree...this is one of your bests. There are so many descriptive phrases that made sigh, but I really loved this one:

    "How hammock-easy were my dreams."

    Now this is romantic!

    You'd better put this one in the next book!


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