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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

My Bear


My bear
has to be awoken gently.
(We've been through any number
of jarring alarm clocks, smashed to bits on the floor.)

My bear
needs to get up by April
or he's groggy all summer.
Wakey, baby,
I whisper in his cute furry ear.

My bear
is the super in our building.
His keys jingle like
Christmas bells.
He is jolly and waddles to the rescue.

My bear
gets dissed by some of the 
harpies on the top floor.
Then they go kiss
the apes and hyenas they married
who keep Cameros under tarps in the parking garage.

My bear
solves problems by waving
at them with his massive paws.
He groans offendedly
when this does not solve the problem.
Then he tries chewing on it or tipping it over.

My bear
makes the residents' kids
get out of the storeroom in the basement.
He gets up on two legs
and shakes his head no.
Some of them need to change trousers afterward.

My bear
is my bruin castle keep.*
We talk in bed and decide
that if we have a girl we'll name her Ursala,
and if we have boy he'll go to Boston
to play ice hockey.

My bear
knows that I will buy
his favorite fruit preserves
and real honey in jars, not the fake stuff.
We have twelve different
honey dippers
and each wear one ring.

My bear
sits back on his butt like a Buddha.
I wear a bucket hat and a thousand
cuffs and necklaces.
He huffs the air with his big fat black nose.
I sigh and smile.
It's a good life.

for Word Garden Word List--Help! A Bear Is Eating Me!

*this line is adapted from a previous poem of mine, "Our Bear."

Music: The Bare Necessities


  1. Gah! I love this SO MUCH! Smiling from ear to ear. Him solving problems by waving his paws made me so happy! Love the clever reference to the Bruins and hockey. This is such a delight to read!!!!!!!!

  2. Ha ha! I love your bear's problem solving method!!

  3. There is no other way to be awoken but gently! Jarring alarm clocks deserve to be smashed to bits on the floor! This bear and keeper understand the mysteries of life, I think. *sits down for story time and just right porridge* So much fun, Shay, I love it.

    P.S. I really like that new pic on your sidebar "flowers in the fog."

  4. It's a good life indeed. This is a delightful poem, light and full of life, and if there is a more serious metaphor tucked away here and there, it's like a berry hidden by dense foliage, all the more sweet. I especially like "My bear/sits back on his butt like a Buddha./I wear a bucket hat and a thousand/cuffs and necklaces..."

  5. He's a honey of a bear, and one you've brought alive in our imagination but not as much as the persona who's either tripping or has a mind with many universes in it including one with this gallant charmer! Loved it, Shay.

  6. Those honey dippers have been through the ringer....LOL This is absolutely wonderful Shay! This is a poem to read when you need to be cheered up and have the happy feels!

  7. I love your bear! I'd love to touch those ears.

  8. Love this, every bit of it. I so wish I could wave my paw and solve a problem or two. This was a much needed delight for me to read this Sunday morning.

  9. I love your bear! " if we have a girl we'll name her Ursala,
    and if we have boy he'll go to Boston to play ice hockey." is awesome.


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