4 Girls

Every Sunday, the amazing Daryl has a feature called Tell Me A Story, in which she posts a photograph she has taken, and asks her readers to tell her a story about it. Here is Daryl's photograph, and my story spun from it.

Meet, from left to right, Ann, Bonnie, Carla and Danielle.

In the beginning,

Ann and Carla were friends, as were Bonnie and Danielle.

Bonnie thinks Ann and Carla are the definition of cool, and wants to be like them.

Danielle has no idea.

Carla tries to get Ann to sleep with her, but she won't, saying she's straight.

Meanwhile, Ann and Bonnie have become lovers, and are doing it like rabbits.

Danielle has no idea.

Neither does Carla.

After a month, Ann stops sleeping with Bonnie. She doesn't tell her why.

Ann has started hanging with Danielle.

Bonnie has no idea, but Carla knows.

Bonnie complains to Carla about Ann.

Ann has no idea, until Carla tells Bonnie about Danielle, and then confronts Ann about Bonnie.

Bonnie stops talking to both Ann and Danielle.

Ann stops talking to Carla.

Danielle goes back to her old school.

Ann goes back to boys.

Bonnie and Carla stay friends.

Stay tuned.


Riot Kitty said…
Loved this line: "Meanwhile, Ann and Bonnie have become lovers, and are doing it like rabbits."


I am totally tuned in...
TALON said…
Junior High at it's Shay-licious best! I'm staying tuned :)
Jinksy said…
Wonderful convoluted imaginings here! :)
mac said…
"Danielle has no idea"

She has the most potential ;-)
Lynn said…
I think I have that straight. :) Fun idea.
Daryl said…
Fantastic! Thank you ... love this and you ..
This was fantastic! Shay, why oh why do you always have the most witty and entertaining stories?

Oh yeah! It's that gypsy in you.

Cloudia said…
You should write for TV

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral
Ileana said…
Wow! I should've taken a pill for motion sickness before reading this one.

Sounds like middle school girl talk...with a twist. Nice job, Chica!

Btw, I'm with RK; loved that line!
Unknown said…
This is great and I so get it, you know this is really how it goes among the girls who live real lives and hopefully before we grow up we grow out of junior high LOL! Sadly though sometimes we just don't manage too.

You always manage to find the most amazing words for the most complex of human stories.
Love you
Mojo said…
And Mojo has no idea.

Girls are complicated I tell ya.

Tabitha Bird said…
Ah yes, that took me back to darker days :) High school- ahhhhh!

Thanks for your welcome back :)
Paula said…
That is so hilarious, complex in its simplicity and somewhat sad at the same time. It does remind me of my time at boarding school. SIGH.
Have a wonderful day across the pond
Mama Zen said…
Until next week . . .

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