Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone!


Marion said…
I laughed out loud when I saw your photo. BRB, indeed! Happy Easter to you, too. Blessings!
Fireblossom said…
BRB = "be right back."

Either that, or: BOY, god is REALLY gonna BUST shay for this one!
Sara said…
Shay -- You do like to dance on razors don't you?

I didn't get it and was glad I wasn't the first one here...but I got to look at the comments and then really got a laugh.

What can I say. The "higher power" I believe in just LOVES to laugh:~)
Ileana said…
BRB...ay, Chica! lol Jesus Loves You...and I do, too! :)

BRB = Bring Rabies Back! Where is that monkey anyway??

Happy Easter!! :)
mac said…
Happy Easter, Seaster.
TALON said…
Happy Easter, Shay!
Ahahaha....that was amusing!

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