For My Gypsy Friend And The Girl With Horse Blanket Hair

If I forgot myself for a moment,

I would take the smoke of every dark dream

And the white of a wedding dress--

I would take the shadow of every hurtful loss

And the white of clean sheets on a summer morning...

I would be light and wild and long-haired

With nothing to keep me on but two fistfuls of mane;

And when we would go thundering past the Reverend's house,

I would disappear down my horse's side, Indian style,

As if I might come burn down the house

Right in the middle of afternoon tea.

There has been light and dark to every day I have ever lived

And to every page I have ever read;

A girl and her horse, common as dirt, and yet uncommon in all our particulars.

When we are fast enough,

My hair behind me in the wind is dark at the root and white at the ends--

Remember us.

We will not pass this way again.

The horse pictured is The Gypsy King.


Cloudia said…
Bet that pic inspired the poem!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral
Tabitha Bird said…
I love the line about taking the white from a wedding dress. Oh,I would like to do that and wrap myself in it.

Great stuff.
Riot Kitty said…
Once again, I feel like a complete idiot saying, "Great! Brilliant! I love it!" but I do.
mac said…
No, dear girl.
You may have a regular horse, but you are not common.

Uncommon? perhaps.
Magnificent? Definitely.
TALON said…
"There has been light and dark to every day I have ever lived" - now THAT is pure poetry!

You know I'm partial to horses and that Gypsy King is gorgeous...but not as beautiful as my Gypsy was :)

Absolutely gorgeous poem, Shay.
Unknown said…
enjoyed this post
Shadow said…
i'd like to join you on this...
Mojo said…
What a magnificent image of freedom. Well done my friend, well done indeed.
Ileana said…
How passionate and sentimental. I love it!!
Brian Miller said…
to run so free and with such grace...very nice.
Daryl said…
I can feel the wind rushing past my ears .. tickling my nose .. hair streaming ... awesome ..
Lynn said…
Lovely - I can just imagine the feeling of being on horseback.
Jannie Funster said…
THIS is your best poem ever.

Well, in my top 3 or so.

...breathes lightly now and glides away on a sort of misty moonbeam from every summer night past.

Marion said…
Shay, this is an amazing, fantastic write and one of your best ever. Blessings!! xoxo
Anonymous said…
You got me sayin' "YES" at the end of this one, Shay. Philosophizing about the paradox of light and dark is one of my favorite things to do. And you do it so beautifully.
Mama Zen said…
This made me forget myself.
Joanna Jenkins said…
Ahhhh, that is perfect.

Unknown said…
I think you plucked this from my heart...everytime I move I sense the movement and the wind inside me and you so eloquently put it.

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