The Hag Of Windy Days

Gypsies cursed the weather--

You can't chart that.

It rains or it turns raw,

And I feel naked--

Not like I have no clothes,

But like I have no skin.

Gypsies cursed my memories,

And yet I hoard them.

I think of you, and my hands come away wet--

They've been petting the wound again.

They drip blood into the pot

And then call that soup

And I call that


Gypsies travel

Ever further south,

Growing more sultry and more removed from God with every turn of the wheel.

Me, I stay here--

Our Hag Of Windy Days--

With an old tin funnel, I pour vile scalding soup down the marrow bone,

And when I scream

Like a cat dropped down a lightning bolt,

You'll say,

"It's that damn gypsy,"

Then close your window and light the fire.



Marion said…
Shay, this is an awesome poem. Your imagery just crackles and leaps off the page straight into my heart. Thank you for feeding me this morning. Blessings!
Anonymous said…
My fire is lit now.
Mojo said…
I can SO relate to the second verse. That's as raw as it gets.

Marion's right. Your imagery is incredible. (Poor kitty!)
Maude Lynn said…
And, I call the poems brilliant.
TALON said…
So raw and painfull and still such beauty, Shay.
mac said…
Dear Girl, this is beautiful.
Ileana said…
Love that damn Gypsy! :)

You're creating beautiful images with words again, Chica. Very nice.
Anonymous said…
Whoa. Yeah. Wow. Words fail me. Gypsy got to me.
Unknown said…
All day long today I got called a gypsy by a few folks...strange and somehow kismet as I think we are both born of the same gypsywarrior woman cloth...

How can I say brilliant to you?

How can I convey beauty to you who writes beauty every day...

Anonymous said…
"Gypsies cursed my memories,
And yet I hoard them."

Oh, yeah, that's me all over, Shay. Also like Mojo said, poor kitty!LOL.


Cloudia said…
"Close your window
and light the fire."

You are something!!!!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral
Riot Kitty said…
OK, I've tried and tried to come up with an original comment, because I always say, "Great! Brilliant! I love it!", and I feel totally unoriginal.

In this case, I can tell you my favorite part was the soup of poems. Genius!
Joanna Jenkins said…
What a way with words!
jack sender said…
Fine picture here. A gypsy and a fire. I'd be looking over my shoulder.
Ileana said…
PS - Love the "I don't think I know you well enough to accept your freaking blog award" image on the sidebar! Ha!
RachelW said…
Clever indeed! This is quite something else. Very fun. A cat dropped down a lightning bolt! Oh my!
I thoroughly enjoyed this, alot, did I say alot?

Who gives a damn if alot isn't a word...I enjoyed this ALOT.

Cheers Shay.