Darylized Story #3

Every Sunday, the amazing fashionista Daryl has a feature called Tell Me A Story, in which she posts a photograph she has taken, and asks her readers to tell her a story about it. Here is Daryl's photograph, and my story spun from it.

"Hello? Let me talk to my Fairy Godmother, please. It's me, Pandora. She's FGM # 512. (sigh) Yes, I'll hold."

(Jeopardy! theme....)

"Hello? Hi, it's me. Well, I'm fiiine. BUT. We need to talk."


"Well tell her to wait! I've been on hold half the day. Now listen. This guy you sent me...."

(holds phone away from ear for a moment)

"God Mom, that was frogs. We talked about frogs, and how I might have to kiss a lot of them in order to find my Prince. This guy is a toad. Well of course I'm sure. I'm looking right at him, as we speak. What?"

(listens for a minute)

"No. God Mom, I'm telling you. Toad City. He clearly buys ALL of his clothes at Sports Authority. I am so not going out with this guy, only to be taken to some place that advertises 13 Big Screen Tvs! All Games! No. No. God Mom. Nooooooooooo."

(listens and makes a face)

"He's wearing Axe. I can smell it from here. And he slouches. What? I do NOT sound like my mother! You've got to do better. It's meeeeee, God Mom, your little favorite, Pandora. C'mon, find me a dream, or I sign with the Sandman. Oh yes, I would. Okay. Love you, too. Buh bye."


Anonymous said…
He seems patriotic though. Quit being so darn picky! Hee,hee.
Mojo said…

"Fashion conscious, but not pretentious. Great hair. Legs. Lips.

"You say she's low-maintenance, or she says she is? Uh huh. Okay FG, I'll take a chance. I mean I'm not getting any younger, right? What's to lose?"
Daryl said…
I am sitting here hands clasped and leaning into the computer screen as if its going to show me a movie .... this is super ... its wonderful... you are wonderful... love it!!!!
Sara said…
What a perfect story for this picture. You're getting quite talented at this:~)
Riot Kitty said…
Sorry to be so unoriginal to say this again but...I love it!!
Mama Zen said…
This is perfect. And, hilarious.
mac said…
I rather like todds.

...Er, wait. You said toads?
Never mind then ;-)
Tabitha Bird said…
Frogs V Toads LOL!

Here's hoping you kiss a prince :)
Unknown said…
You know I could look at this picture for days and never get the amazing genius of writing you do, this made me smile from heart to brain and back again...

I would love to call my fairygodmother, but I think she changed her number LOL

love ya
TALON said…
"He's wearing Axe..." -- I burst out laughing!

Love it, Shay!
Ileana said…
I'm with Talon...that part cracked me up!

Beautiful story, Shay! Tell me another one. :)
Lynn said…
That is so great!
Cloudia said…
MUCH better than my stick-figure effort!

Aloha from Waikiki

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