Bone Girl

Bone Girl approaches the counter at Macy's,

But she's gone way beyond dry skin.

She clanks against the glass display case, scattering jittery clerks, who immediately throw away their diet pills.

Bone Girl goes to the dentist and sits in the chair.

The dentist starts to say "open" but falters, realizing this is not necessary. No gum disease here!

Bone Girl sits alone in a cafe.

She wants to stuff herself, but anything she eats just goes right through her.

Har de har.

Bone Girl was once as plump and rosy as a German beer hall waitress,

Then the rats began to gnaw.

The you are not attractive if you are not skinny rat.

The your life is over if you are not young rat.

The can you do this for me rat.

The I'm leaving you for someone else rat.

The oh shit, wtf happened to my life rat.

Bone Girl has lost her figure.

She injures her lovers simply by embracing them,

And besides,

They tend to be creepy anymore, anyway.

Bone Girl has lost all her softness

And the sparkle in her eyes.

Bone Girl's hair has gone all to hell, thin and wispy.

She has a speech impediment.

It is Springtime.

Bone Girl picks a flower and goes to place it behind her ear, as if she were a flamenco dancer,

But of course it only falls.

God in His mercy

Has made her deaf as a stone,

And so she cannot hear it fall;

Cannot hear the happy children laugh

When they steal it.


Marion said…
You've said so much in so few words. I know bone girl. She lives inside my head but fat girl always bitch slaps her and makes me eat. :-) Great writing, FB. Blessings!!
Mojo said…
Fantastic. Even if it is horribly sad, this is a fantastic piece.

I can't think of a thing to say except to echo Mama Zen. Damn the rats and all the pestilence that comes with them.
Debbie said…
So very, very sad.
Sara said…
This is sad, but I agree with others that it is eloquently stated.

There are too many "bone" girls with rats in our society.

We have such a warped sense of beauty and it's rather terrifying how it sends the "rats" scurrying out to find their victims.
Daryl said…
I felt that one all the way down to the marrow
ellen abbott said…
If only the bone girls could see what they have let the rats do to them.

If only they could say...I don't give a rat's ass.
TALON said…
I find rat poison highly effective.

Bone Girl is beyond tragic.
Dul├že ♥ said…
Oh-- this is a sad way of viewing our getting old... rather as if getting decrepit- in and out- were and came together..
I agree with ellen, it's the b*****rats who did this to the bone girls...
Riot Kitty said…
Can so relate to that part about the cafe.

I think sad and eloquent fit perfectly.
Ileana said…
If Bone Girl wants to be a flamenco dancer, glue that flower behind her right ear and let her dance!!
RachelW said…
They have been nibbling at me lately, too. You know, when they nibble, there's a perverse pleasure in seeing all that flesh peel off. Ribs do make such wonderful xylophones.
mac said…
Poor Bone Girl.
She should realize that the rats are RATS. They are not worthy of that much devotion.

In the end, the rats don't give a shit. Of course, they never did.
the walking man said…
Them who would rule the sovereign individual through caustic soda are once again expertly backhanded! Way to get them Shay.
Sadako said…
Really liked this. Your blog is so awesome.
Unknown said…
This is an amazing piece of writing about something I think about all the hit it perfectly and you describe her pain and ours so eloquently in the rats...

thank you Shay as always...

your words leave me speechless, but filled and nourished not from the rats that will breed and take but from the sun and the love that will give and grow.
Ally said…
Wow. That was really well-written. Sad though.

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