I said to the wind,

"You have cheated me"

And the wind said,


Have you learned that the sky is not as empty as it seems,

Nor the earth so strong?"

I said to the wind,

"You have carried from my bones the flesh I deserved,

And replaced it with old leaves and bullshit from bins"

And the wind said,


Have you made peace with the lead dress?

Have you learned to dance at the bottom of the sea?"

I said to the wind,

"Cut the shit.

When do I get some answers?"

But the wind said nothing,

And swept my words away into silence.



Mojo said…
I just love how you interleave the classical and colloquial here!

How very deft of you dahling.
ellen abbott said…
Oh Shay, you are exquisite.
Anonymous said…
keep listening anyway.
Love you Monsta!
Sock Monk
TALON said…
Cheeky Wind - answering a question with a question :)

The wind speaks loudest in silence, don't you think? I really loved this Shay. The answer may not be blowing in the wind in this case.
mac said…
That's the thing with the wind. She does what she wants.

Who are we to question her?
Riot Kitty said…
Great post and pic.
Senorita said…
oh and P.S: You are very gifted. I love your writing !
Cloudia said…
Damn you really are a POET!!!!!!!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral
Shadow said…
i love this one! especially the words blown away in the wind...
Ileana said…
That's why you need to leave Michigan and head to Miami...where there is NO WIND!

I DO love how you confront the wind, however. Nice one, Chica!
Vesper said…
This is so beautiful and so deep, Shay...
How I miss being here...
Escapist said…
Worth for classy shake...

I love this.

so true.

We never get the answers
when we need them the most.

Or do we?

the walking man said…
Just when you ask the relevant question the wind shuts up but takes the action of making sure there was no record of you ever having asked for an answer.
Anonymous said…
This is masterful and haunting, I love it!
Rex Venom said…
Nice. And that is an amazing picture,too.
Rock on!
Paula said…
Thanks for passing by my blog meant I now have to follow yours;-)) I am hooked already. The MERDE story is quite something, sad and brilliant! This post however reminds me of my fav quuote: "If you dont understand my silence, you wont understand my words" Hugs across the pond. Paula