The Love Asylum

In the Love Asylum,
Diagnoses are tattooed...
Our methods quite crude.

You'll room with Medea Manica,
She's up all night...
Painting everything white.

Spend afternoons in the Activities Room,
Poisoning mice...
Living on ice.

And if, in the end, you're not quite cured,
Leave your heart in the hall...
We'll see it gets burned.


Riot Kitty said…
Eeeeeeeeeep! This is creepy in a good way. I mean, well-written. It just evokes creepy, even without the pic.
Mojo said…
Deliver me from Nurse Ratched! Such dark thoughts on such a lovely day... what's wrong sweetie?
Unknown said…
This is very interesting, sometimes I have found that people are surprised when I go dark because my usual self is so sunny and goofy...but I think that the dark vein in all of us in natural and has to see the light of day!

This one burns into my soul the feelings of loss and the feelings where the committee in my mind would like me to be, but poems and writing keep me from it...thank goddess right!!!?

OMG I love the new pic of look amazing and your hair is amazing!!! Wow!

No need to be modest when you're so damn hawt!!!!
mac said…
Wow, I don't want to seek asylum here. That roomy, Medea, is creepy.

I'm afraid, I too would never be sleepy.

I'm afraid I might wake up dead
Or lose my head
She'd hide it under her bed.

Too creepy, I said.
TALON said…
I think I'll remain undiagnosed, thank you! ;)
Cloudia said…
Love it.

Nice pic of the poetess too!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral
Lynn said…
Living on ice, oh my.

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