No matter what happens down here on the ground,

The moon and stars take their place above;

And no matter my foolish imperfections,

My heart has always been yours,

My Love.

The ground is frozen tonight,

And clouds cover the moon.

My bed,

So white, like lilies and death;

And your absence,

Everywhere, like some cold god.

Never mind, sweetheart,

The moon will be back, even if my heart should die;

And the stars will shine in a silver multitude,

Even the same as my tears.



  1. That was lovely. Painful, but lovely.

  2. She is a fool not to realise your heart is, and always will be, hers.

  3. Love, with all its potential pain, is worth the risk.

    Why can't we be more like the moon and the stars...who know their place? ;)

  4. hello shay you visited my blog on Dia de Bloglandia and i was shortly thereafter called out of town so i didn't have a chance to come by to meet you. your comments were so generous about my blog and we seem to share a sense of connection to those who have been left as stone in old cemeteries. your every word on my blog post was poetry and i see now that that this is what you do... string together beautiful words into poetic stories. the next time you go to visit delilah please give her a hug from me. a little 2 year old should not spend too much time alone.
    thank you very much for your comments.

  5. Shay, your poem is both beautiful and tender, your comment above was also a lovely and meditative, pondering.

  6. How teh hell did I miss seeing this one?

    your absence everywhere, I'll take that thought to dreamland now.


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