The Park

The cement company shows up at the city's largest park and goes to work.

First, a cement river full of cement goldfish and cement turtles;

Some mistake the river for a sidewalk and drown.

Next, cement pigeons and other birds...

Branches fall everywhere--

Lines are down.

Across the city, cement birds fly out of telephones and crash heavily into framed landscapes which fall from the wall.

At the park, work continues.

Cement children appear, presenting cement bouquets.

Cement adults are charmed.

The sun, also cement now, shines down, strangely cheerful.

Look at the city we have made, say the workmen.

Come and live with us

Among the statues.



  1. Been there, done that, no thanks.

    As ever, you always are a one to perfectly express the landscape, I feel the leaden mood here hon, bleak. You alright?

  2. You're on your game with this one, Girl. (Not that you're not with some of your other poems. Just the depth of this one blows me away.)

    Billy Colins, make way for Shay.

  3. wow, that was great. Are we back on Bleak Street? Did I forget to get off the bus at the Happy Place?

    COme on over for a martini. That'll pick you up.

  4. LOL ok gals, before you lock me up at the Unstable Motel, I wrote this when I was 25, not this afternoon. Anything with the "early poems" label, is from the days when pterodactyls still ruled the skies. ;-)

    Thank you, nonetheless,for al of your kind comments and for caring about me! :-)

  5. This is great. I love that the cement adults are charmed, that's hilarious :)

  6. I was charmed by the "charmed" line, as well!

  7. Grace and Mama Zen, sometimes I just can't help myself, lol.


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