(Do you believe that you may have lived before, in another body and another time? I wrote this some while back, about a "memory" I had been struck with rather powerfully, in my 20s, and then had it confirmed, even more vividly, under hypnosis many years later.)

I remember this...

Making our mad way through a forest of legs

To see what boomed off the buildings;

The bombast of the drums coming back off the bricks behind us,

The Black Watch with their pipes playing Scotland the Brave

And little us,

Tiny us,

Ragamuffins from no place,

A brother and sister holding hands to keep from being separated by the crowd

As drums beat into our hearts a music so strong and loud that i can feel the pavement-shaking dazzlement of it all

Lifetimes later

In a body that was never even there.



  1. Shit. I was there at the Edinborough tattoo.. and at the highland games - tossing the caber, the pipes, sitting on my da's shoulders to see above the crowds.. the shot putt, the highland fling, the crowds and the thud of the music making my heart quicken with the reels that made me dizzy.

    Had I known, I may have spun my head a little, looked for someone almost there..

    and waved.

  2. I love that!!! I am packing my bags right now and coming over. damn.

  3. Shrinky, you make the neatest comments. You always make me smile.

    VM, don't forget to pack your tam o shanter. ;-)

  4. i remember....

    my uncle played the bag pipes for the black watch at the edinburgh tatoo and you didn't even 'know' that then...


  5. It's tantalizing, isn't it, Mama Zen? I'm glad you like my poem!

  6. K!!!!!!!

    All these charming Scottish women, my word. *fans self, opens a window* :-)

  7. My surname travels back to bonnie Scotland. A search I have been on for the past 5 years... only to hit a brick wall in Northern Ireland. I fantasize my bloodline goes back to King Duncan himself.

  8. Of course, this is all so good but the Bs in boomed off of buildings sits wonderfully on the palate of my ears.

    Dang, this is good.

    Do you know how good your poems are?

  9. Chewy, forgive me for being a tad bit late in welcoming you to the Word Garden. The staffer who overlooked your comment on "The Last Gangster" has been dealt with! ;-)

    Good luck with the family tree!

  10. *blushhhhhhhhhhhh*

    I know better than to argue with a rocker chick from Texas, so I'll just say thank you. I do try to make each poem as good as I am able. :-)

  11. I'm not so sure if I'm a rocker so much. I describe my music more as Freakish Modern With A Twist of Impish Nostalgia

  12. I'm still not arguing with a Texan woman!

  13. Yes I believe in "recycled" lives. My Paternal ancestors are from Scotland, n I'm a decendant from the line of Sir William Wallace.
    Sounds like a war scene from his era.
    I've seen people I know regressed into past life memories. My sis remembers one also.

    Nice blog here.

  14. Ooooooooo! cool past-life recall!

    I've had two b4 --- both as a soldier in a war.... just diff wars.

  15. Thanks, Snaggle and Lil Bit.

    *hides under a chair with all these reincarnated warriors about*


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