Sunday, August 16, 2009

For K.

There was some




in front of me

at the light,


a golf cart,

of all things.

There were four people in it.

Did I say four?

There was



in it.

We were waiting

to turn


just as I have been waiting

to know,


do you ache for me as I ache for you?

and do you

ever feel

that you cannot breathe

for the thought

of me?

There was one


in the golf cart

in the back

on the left

and her back

and shoulders

were bare

except for


lucky straps;

I wished

they were

my fingers--

I wished

to kiss

her shoulders


by candle light.

I noticed

that her ear

was sweet and perfect.

Her dark hair

was tied back

and it made me


for wanting

to touch it.

She was not

a small girl.

She was

so beautiful

and so very much

like you,

and then

the driver turned

against the red signal

and was gone

through a narrow gap

in the traffic,

and I

went on waiting,

lonelier even

than before.



Riot Kitty said...

Oh, sweetie! Hugs.

lime said...

you've conjured that sense of loneliness very well.

i see the library thing you mentioned. thanks. :) AND the book about dewey the library cat, which has been on my "to read" list for some time.

pheromone girl said...

You are so good at writing about how I'm feeling, it's spooky.

LOVE this!

Shadow said...

this is one of the best your written. i can feel the longing, i can see the straps on her shoulders, i can feel the emptiness as she disappears around the corner....

Lou said...


Daryl said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... that's me exhaling .. held my breath too long

ellen abbott said...

I really love the way you write. So expressive. Not the poignant comment I had imagined.

Anonymous said...

Love it.

I can't get enough of your love poems.

Kay said...

Is that not the way it goes??? with lost love??? So wonderful, always just beautiful and full of thought

Pouty Lips said...

A golf cart - who would have thought of it except you?

Jannie Funster said...

You wrote The Bridges Of Madison County, right?

T said...

(deep breathe) Very expressive, my dear Shay!