Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ten Dreams

My skin is keen to dream ten dreams--

One for each of your fingers.

I want to count each one

With my heartbeat,

Sweet One of mine.

I feel like a dangled strawberry.

I feel like a clever crime, gotten away with.

I feel like an ocean wave--

Slide into me,

Be moon to my tide.

I feel as if I were a new jar of peanut butter, smooth and

Just begging to be disturbed.

My arms are like the strands of a ribbon untied.

My hair is falling darkly over my right eye,

And my left is looking for trouble.

When you hold anything, I dream of the stems of lilies for weeks.

I am a wet vase.


Kiss me now, before the stars move.

Make my bed your garden.

Tend my love with yours through the night.



Kay said...

me too! :) almost non-sensical, but quite the opposite, indeed.

Daryl said...

Its like a hug ..

Joanna Jenkins said...

"Kiss me now before the stars move"
LOVE that!
Thanks for sharing.

Mama Zen said...

This has taken my breath away.

Riot Kitty said...


Lou said...

Just awesome, Shay

Shadow said...

your wishes are wonderous!!!!

Jannie Funster said...

Gol' dang you are amazing Shay! I love everything about this poem. Want to dive into that bed. Want to unfurl my ribbons of arms. Mess up the new peanut butter too.


Scarlet said...

"Make my bed your garden." Wow!

Gillian said...

Lush, and lovely. As usual!
A visual feast. Thanks! xox

Phil said...

That is an AWESOME poem. Just brilliant. I loved it.