Friday, September 18, 2009



Warm restaurant.

Such happiness.

She takes her hand.

Candles burn in bowls,

A baby grows in her womb.

"At last."




Good food.

Outside, leaves, concrete, a chill.

They kiss and hold hands.

Voices behind.

"Yo, what you need is a man."


Wife and baby gone.


Pain beyond bearing.



True story.


Tall Kay said...

These 55 words really do tell an entire story. Sad to hear it's true. Very nice to visit a new blogger.

g-man said...

Yep...Your writing is always POWERFUL!
Excellent 55 Shay...
Thanks for wilting to my wishes, I really appreciate it..
Have a Kick-Ass Week-End...G

Cat said...

powerfully done.

ellen abbott said...

To quote you: I don't know how you do it. I wouldn't know where to begin!

Daryl said...

Wonderful, magical use of those 55 .. as always you hit it spot on.

Shadow said...

this is harsh. you've managed to convey so much in so few words.

Dulce said...

Hmmm You are good with words Woman Poet.. Devastating it is yes
Great 55 (1st prize)

Dr.John said...

Fantastic 55. Tells a horrible story so well.

Mine is posted


Riot Kitty said...

That is powerful, beautiful and sad...and silly me, I was thinking about doing a Friday 55 about piggies!

Scarlet said...

Wow, this one really blew me away! My heart sunk at the end. Good job, amiguita!

Lou said...

Man, life is a bitch! But you say it sooo much better.

PS I loved Rachel's Wedding. I'm the dad character:(

CJ said...

Very powerful use of 55 words.

TechnoBabe said...

Bummer. Amazing how you incite such strong feelings with so few words. Words are powerful.

mrsnesbitt said...

I have so much enjoyed taking part for the very first time. I will be contributing next Friday too. I find you via David, a great blogging friend too. How we all connect eh?

Right off to write a poem for another new project on Monday, subject My Home Town!

Pouty Lips said...

You've definitely mastered the flash fiction 55!