Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Feline Fairy Tale

A cat may look at a king,

At anyone or


Late last night and the night before,

I was here, though you did not

See me.

Little robbers at my door.

Such thievery

Pleases me.

Pussycat, Pussycat, where have you been?

Waiting under the branches from night

Until day.

I've been to London to look at the Queen.

After checking to be sure that the king

Was away.

Make a cat your confessor, tell her your sin,

You'll come barefoot through the dawn

Calling my name

A cat won't blink when you do it again.

Crying, "gato amante!

You heard and you came!"

Photograph by Daryl Edelstein. Click on the title for the link!


Riot Kitty said...

I love it! I will read to Lucky and Earl Grey :)

Daryl said...

I am SO flattered that kit pic inspired this funtastic poem ... xo

Ekanthapadhikan said...

Wonderful play with words.

Granny Annie said...

Great, great, great! Love the soundtrack too. We do not own cats but we have many. We feed them only once a day and the rest of the time they are on their own to come and go as they please. Their numbers grow and deminish day-to-day. Sometimes I wish I could stay awake at night and watch their comings and goings.

Kay said...

purrrrrrrr...... ;)

Shadow said...

here kitty kitty, entwine yourself around my limbs and take my sins away...

Lou said...

Cats rule!

Scarlet said...

Cats are the talk of the town this weekend!

They not only listen, they keep your secrets!

pheromone girl said...

I love puss in boots and have had some of the best, attitude-filled cats you can imagine.

Mama Zen said...

When the king is away, the cats will play?

Fireblossom said...

oOo, you must, RK, you must!

*big smile* thanks so much for allowing me to use it, Daryl! Your photographs are briliant.

Thanks, E, and welcome to Word Garden.

Hi Annie! Nice to see you here!

*grinz*, Kay.

Mhm, I love that comment, Shads!

They certainly think so, Lou!

Mm, indeed they do, Scar. ;-)

Puss In Boots is a particular favorite of mine, PG! Attitudinal cats? Impossible! LOL.

You can ask them, MZ, but they'll never tell. ;-)

Shark Butt said...

I like it. You get the whole cat fing, most dog peops donut runderstand.

Anonymous said...

I do love my kitties. They are excellent company.

Cloudia said...

Your poetry speaks to me!


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