An airplane comes and takes the world away like a tugboat.

In the morning, people wake up and it's gone.

Scientists are baffled.

Meanwhile, an airplane flies through space towing the world like a tourist trailer in Yellowstone Park.

Space-bears beg.

They're so cute, Harry.

Let's give them




Kay said…
lol....can you imagine???? (well, of course) great visual!
Maude Lynn said…
I love the image of the world being pulled by a plane!
Anonymous said…
I love your imagination.
Anonymous said…
People wake up and the world, as they know it, is gone...
That happens, it sure does.

Ileana said…
Nicaragua. :)

I like the way your mind travels, amiguita! xo
Man Named Kim said…
clever. so clever.

i'm delighted to have found you.

i particularly like you clean and sober side bar image...just saying.

I'll be back.
steveroni said…
Shay, I believe the impossible is possible. SHE or HE makes it so.

I am Harry: "OK, you may give them Nicaragua...but can I keep Managua?

I always pictured Harry as a begging-type of guy, the kind who says, "Not tonight Honey...I have a headache!"

Yes SHE has long forgiven you ANY silliness, FB!

Thanks for visiting steveroni...I left a response-comment for you (and others) there.
mac said…
I can imagine them hitting a pothole and people tumbling from their beds.

Of course, I take credit for it with my lover.
"Yes, Darlin', I did move the Earth for you"
She knows I'm lying, but thinks it cute.
Joanna Jenkins said…
Hey Fireblossom, I'm just back from vacation to give you a big hello. What a great post to return to-- I loved every word.

Hope you've been good.

TALON said…
Sometimes it really does feel like the world is being dragged around. Your creativity is awesome, Shay.
Daryl said…
Too bad Mike didnt know Sarah Palin, she would have kept an eye on those Russians for him, you betchya
Vesper said…
Your imagination and your imagery are a source of continuous fascination for me, Shay.