If you shook out my soul,

If it came unrolled, you'd get

Roses, silk, and chocolate;

An arch look and white lace

And all the girly things that grace it...

But, depending on when,

If you shook it again,

You'd get sun, dust, and leather,

Saddle wax and heather;

Something I dreamed and kept in a San Antonio summer,

With space, love, and time enough to name it.



mac said…
Those are good ingredients for making a beautiful soul.
mac said…
Thank you for sharing that beautiful soul.
TALON said…
"roses, silk, and chocolate" and "saddle wax and heather" - loved that juxtapositon. This brought back a powerful memory of my horse Gypsy (may she rest in peace). You captured a cowgirl's soul perfectly and beautifully, Shay.
cinderkeys said…
Do you ever write songs? That could turn into one if you wanted it to.
Unknown said…
sounds like you are a perfectly balanced girl
stunning post
the walking man said…
What I love is knowing that every time the soul is shaken that something different will fall out. Passion will do that to one.
Anonymous said…
You keep all the good things in your soul.
Daryl said…
And lunch at Mi Tierra
Maude Lynn said…
You do capture a cowgirl's soul quite well!
Cloudia said…
Love your poetry-
appreciate your friendship!

Ileana said…
I just love it when you shake your soul, Chica! You never know what'll come out of it, but you know it's going to be beautiful and this post.
Kay said…
shake, shake, shake....shake, shake, shake... shake your
Leather and lace, yes I do believe I've seen a little of both in your writing.
Joanna Jenkins said…
What a great combination of things all rolled up!

"You'd get sun, dust, and leather,
saddle wax and heather," - that sounds wonderful.