The Monster Of Birmingham's Last Words

Do I look hot

In my arrest photograph?

Do I look appealing?

Or not?

And beyond that,

Do I look like the kind of girl

Who would do the kinds of things

That I have been accused of?

Do I look weary

Being led into the courtroom?

Do I look pale?

Suitably teary?

And beyond that,

Beyond looking wretched in this orange suit,

Do I look like the kind of girl

Who would do these things, and then lie to you?

I had to do it.

I had to...

Are you sure I never told you

How much I know about ju jitsu?

So when I saw her standing there,

Happy, and

All those things I cannot bear for her to be,

I had no choice.

It was something in her voice when she

Looked at me and asked, "How are we?"

I was bound to snap.

Surely you can see.

Surely you can see that.

Do I look sorry?

Are you sure I don't look fat?

Do I seem remorseful?


But beyond all that,

Do I look like the kind of girl

Who belongs in a place like this?

And, as I blow the press one final kiss,

Do I seem

Better than her?

Oh tell me, please tell me

I've always been

Better than her...

Tell me, do I seem

Better than her?

Do I?

Darling, you've always been

So honest,

So true,

So kind, I know you wouldn't lie.

Photograph: Jordana Brewster


Kay said…
it wasn't me! :) innocent. haha, your a riot
Dul├že ♥ said…
Better than her-of course, and better than me for sure.(no matter 200 followers or 20...)

I love it, as always... queen of witches, goddesses, poetesses and, in general... queen of queens
the walking man said…
The tone is well placed, the insecure bad ass. The dichotomy of humanity.
Anonymous said…
Your imagination and creativity are simply boundless!
Always fresh and interesting, I so look forward to reading you as soon as I turn my computer on.

mac said…
YES !!
Mama Zen said…
The pacing of this is outstanding.

And, beyond that, I just love it.
Riot Kitty said…
Nah, she doesn't look sorry.
Cloudia said…
You? Innocent? LOL!

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral
TALON said…
So sad that there are such sick individuals in the world...

The poem rings true, Shay.
Joanna Jenkins said…
That was terrific and so LA!!!! I swear it could be half the girls on Melrose Avenue.

cinderkeys said…
How do you come up with this stuff? :)
Shadow said…
aaaaah, i sense duplicity.... well done, shay!
Daryl said…
Innocent? Its like being normal .. no one wants to be thought of as normal .. or innocent ..
Sara said…
This reminds me of when I had some major surgery once and was in the hospital. I felt like shit and looked like it. This perky nurse comes in all smiles and said "How are we, today?"

If only the flower vase had been closer, I might have found my way into the orange jump suit:~)

This was a very interesting poem!
T said…
Ah, I really like this. Truth be told, I think many woman are like this, they just don't want anyone to know their true selves;) The inner part of them, that no one sees, no one knows, but themselves.

Fabulous as always, dearest Shay!
Ileana said…
You pick the best images for your poems, amiga.

Btw, remind me never to ask you, "How are we?"
Ileana said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
steveroni said…
You have always been "better than her"! And I have never in my life ..lied. (What is "lied"?)--grin!

Oh! And also, "How are we today?"

One guy asked me that every morning before a meeting (6 AM) and I--every morning--answered him, "I am doing GREAT...but don't know about YOU!"

Nice to visit you again, friend!

And you certainly do NOT look like the kind of girl who belongs in a place like that....
Anonymous said…
I pick "A" on everything. Oh, hang on, this isn't multiple choice? :P

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