I am drawn to drownings.

Intrigued by hangings.

The oriole may land on the gallows pole,

And no one accuses her of being macabre.

The red winged Blackbird may cling to the cat tails by the misted pond in the morning,

And no one suggests

She should not have perched there, singing to the silent girl in the water.

Suicide is not the answer to every problem,

Nor is fire,

Nor is sleep.

There are even those who will tell you that if you simply remain still and wait,

That the earth and sky will move,

Beneath and above you,

Bringing change while you dream that she is there again,

Leaning to kiss you,

Consuming you like the curtains and the crossbeams

As part of you stops fighting and lets go...

It is like birds startled by a gunshot,

Isn't it,

When you wake up gasping and know that she hasn't killed you

After all.



Iddy Albatross said…
I just had a dream like that.

Funny how the first blog I stumbled on, was yours.

Shadow said…
there is no ONE answers to everything or everyone. its all in the mix...
Maude Lynn said…
That first line grabs you by the throat.

I love this.
mac said…
This is a masterpiece of the heart.

I am continuously amazed by you :-)
Dul├že ♥ said…
Nope! My mum always says 'nobody dies for love'... and I add unless you let yourself go, yes, but then it's you who kills yourself, not Love..
TALON said…
The birds sing and rejoice and the world goes on...and it would be sad to make a choice that took the option of being present away.
Daryl said…
Sometimes the line between dream and wake is very fine
Anonymous said…
Very interesting. I like this one.
Drowning in the rawness of these words, I am.
Debbie said…
Very personal and intriguing.
Marion said…
A wonderful write, pure soul in words. For some reason it brought up the following memory:

I'll never forget what my husband's grandmother told us when we got married at age 18: "Y'all can't LIVE on love, you know." We laughed at her and are still laughing 38 years later. Grandma was oh, so wrong. Blessings!
ellen abbott said…
Even when we wish it were so.
Clever and well written even if it is a little macabre.
All the very best,
the walking man said…
*shrug* If I deserve to die then die I will. But I have no dreams of it nor fear of it coming in the female form while I sleep. It would be something much fiercer sent after me and would have to come while I was totally unable to respond.