Jasmine Nation

When the Big One came,

Jasmine Faulkner, the biggest star since stars were made,

Had just stepped out of her limo--

Just stepped out in time for her shadow to be scorched onto a wall;

Now Jasmine will never fade,

Never fall.

When the Big One came,

Not everyone was prepared--

Not every secret stood up to that kind of light;

Not everyone came out of that night

And into post-apocalyptic L.A.

When the Big One came,

Can openers became more valuable than Cadillacs.

We are the Jasmine junkies,

Using the only working disc player in the nation--

We are the stewards of culture and beauty, wearing our tin foil hats;

Collecting and keeping

Surviving and seeking

Final obliteration.



Anonymous said…
I think the big one is coming, and when it does can openers, and food in general, will be the only currency.

mac said…
Let's just hope we're more prepared than poor Jasmine. That way we won't get Faulknered.
Daryl said…
Collecting and keeping ...
Riot Kitty said…
What was the inspiration for this one?
Shadow said…
when the big one came... just the thought alone scares me.
TALON said…
I'm keeping my can opener close by :)

How sad that Jasmine had to become one with the shadows...still, stars do shine brighter in the dark.
Blue Bunny said…
wow, i totally stalking up on can openiners after reeding this! and karrits in cans. and pees. and beens. and stuff.
Mama Zen said…
Those last two lines are fantastic!
steveroni said…
Thank God both Culture and Beauty were kept.

And the Shadow of Jasmine was preserved.

Jasmine Junkies, gather 'round...and bring along your can openers and tinfoil hats!

Fire Blossom, how (and from where) in the WORLD do you receive inspiration--your head, that brain. You are right, Freud would have LOVED to examine!
Ileana said…
I tip my tin foil hat to you, Chica. You make everything glamourous.
I keep a cyanide capsule in case of just such an event or on the off chance my sister is right about the machines taking over.
You take care.
Cloudia said…
yeah....but your words make it seem like a trippy adventure

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral
the walking man said…
the last two lines are killer!
Unknown said…
I and my pal Steve have decided we need to stockpile Charmin toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner,bath beads, and all manner of feminine hygiene products.....

that way we'll be guaranteed godlike observance and idol status
Unknown said…
as a matter of fact....I think I'll design and build a day-spa/bath-house on wheels which can be pulled from town to town by draft animal......four legged or two....
lady macleod said…
Wow. Wonderful imagery. Well done.

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