The Tenant

Love comes and goes, like the downstairs tenant--

Sometimes noisy, maddening, only leaving with the sunrise, cuffed in the back of a squad car;

And other times gentle, sweet, barely making a ripple until, while you watch over her shoulder as she paints near the east light of the French windows, she demands to be kissed

Simply by being there before you.

Love is a dog, oh what a dog--

Look what you've done now, and

Look how I love you...

Love is a cat, and as cats will,

Comes when she cares to, and

Does she love me? Maybe...maybe...

Love is the thing I wait for

Through the early evenings of December

And the early mornings of June,



That she is coming,

That she is perhaps already near,

Disguised with your name and face,

Bringing joy


And her fickle, charming ways.

Welcome, tenant, whatever you bring this time...

Here is your key;

Welcome home.


Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. :-)


Ileana said…
Beauty and hope and LOVE, sweet LOVE! All the best to you, mi amiga, on Valentine's Day and always! Felicidades. :)
Anonymous said…
This is simply lovely, it's emotionally filling like a cool drink of water in summer.

Dul├že ♥ said…
YES madame! THAT is a sweet invitation to your love...
TALON said…
Love is so many things and it's always welcome.

I really loved this poem, Shay. There's something magical about the anticipation of love that you've captured beautifully.
Riot Kitty said…
Happy Valentine's Day!
Shark Butt said…
Happy Valentines day to you and Bosco! from, sharkbutt and his minions
mac said…
I like the idea of Love being my neighbor.
I think I'll borrow a cup of sugar from her sometime :-)
Unknown said…
Hey going Old Skool here: "Won't you be my neighbor" okay ust thinking that I would adore love as my neighbor...

Oh and I noticed on your book list "the time traveller's wife" OMG such a great book.

OK hearts to you
RachelW said…
I love the sqad car bit. Isn't that so true? And yeah, cats... more than dogs, who tend to dote on us endlessly. Cats flit in and out as they please.
Ekanthapadhikan said…
"she demands to be kissed

Simply by being there before you."

Oh mine! Oh mine!! Such a beautiful but powerful imagery!
Shadow said…
this is indeed the nature of love. unexpected. you just never know when it'll jump out and grab ya! happy valentine's shay!!!
the walking man said…
May you quit listening for the knock on the door an hour before it comes. And when you open the door may the first thing you hear be "Is this home?"
Kay said…
awwww....that is so sweet....(pouty face with furrowed brows)
Joanna Jenkins said…
You never know where or where love will turn up :-)

Hope your Valentine's Day was happy.

Cloudia said…
very nice

you are really talented
Vesper said…
Love is a cat, and as cats will,
Comes when she cares to, and
Does she love me? Maybe...maybe...

Love this, Shay!
May love come to you just the way you love it.
Mama Zen said…
Happy Valentine's Day to you, dear one!
Daryl said…

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