Two Simple Questions

Dark-haired women are the best--

We all carry tarot decks,


And a certain smoky magick.

Think about it--

When the end comes,

(and it may, any minute)

Do you really want to be out there with a blonde?

Do you really?

Do you really?

We have witches' houses

Out in the countryside,

Familiars at our feet.

Come in,

Come in,

We may turn you to stone on a whim,

Or strew the winter landscape with lilies if we care to;

Do you dare to

Kiss us and live with the consequences?

Do you?

Do you really?


photograph: Penelope Cruz


Kelly said…
This blonde rools! I got tarot, blush and a sparkle in my blue eyes! lol...

fab poem :-) x
Debbie said…
Love this. Of course, I do have dark hair:)
Anonymous said…
And the people who will never read this need it the most!

Cloudia said…
this blonde kinda does....
fire up da smoky Majik!

Aloha, Dark Friend!

Comfort Spiral
Anonymous said…
Makes me want to dye my hair dark!

I have mouse brown hair - neither dark nor blonde.
mac said…
Let the consequences be damned!

I dare to, too.
Mama Zen said…
Does the witch's house have icing and gumdrops?
Unknown said…
Wowza!!! This is amazing and wonderful and did you know I've got black hair, you described me so eloquently...LOL :-)

I do live in a magickal tree house with lots of sparly makeup and tarot cards abounding.

Love to you Miss Bliss Sweetness
TALON said…
I've always thought brunettes were magic...and now I'm certain of it. :)

But what about us with the glints of red?
Riot Kitty said…
We are the best! Yep yep!!
What not a blonde with her buttery voice that put one in mind of those shortbread cookies in the blue tin from Finland. I kid, but then you have red hair don't you?
Lovely, honest.
Warm regards,
Tabitha Bird said…
Yes, love that dark hair! If I had more of mine (my head is shaved) I'd be flinging it around right now. :)
Dulçe ♥ said…
i've come to disagree- for fun- but also cause I prefer ginger hair
although mine is fair... where do i get to <really really really i mean where do i get to???
Vesper said…
We all have magic. Your brilliant poem certainly has it, Shay.
Cute poem. :) Enjoyed reading it.:)
Kay said…
and what say you of the red head???
Fireblossom said…
Kay, I say....reds are not for the faint of heart. Reds are definitely witches, too. ;-)
Daryl said…
Blondes only think they have more fun because someone told them that ... on their own they need help .. she says tossing her once raven tresses
Ileana said…
"Reds are not for the faint of heart." Good thing you said that, Chica...I was taking the whip out!

Me encantó este poema, por supuesto.
RachelW said…
Oh yeah!! There is a gypsy song like this...

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