Malus Domestica

When I was a child,

I was just eyes in the dark

Scaring myself;

And I was just arms in the dark

Trying to comfort myself

When I was a child.

When I was a girl,

I thought, a girl is no thing to be,

Not here;

And so I turned to a silent woody tree--

Wearing my white blossom dress in spring

With an apple for a heart

When I was a girl.

Everyone said,

"You are not even really a girl,

Nor a wooden doll;

You are just the black in the night,

And the space between dreams,

That's all."

When I heard their words, I wept

And let my leaves fall.

When I found love,

I came back into bloom

And my white blossom dress

Was the envy of the stars, and the lovely distant Moon;

But when I leant to kiss my love,

She was gone, never to come back...

With my single apple in her apron

And the night sky laughed

When I lost love.

Now I am a woman,

And, like all women, my eyes see everything;

My arms reach

To comfort and to keep

My creatures, my garden, and me;

I still wear

My white blossom dress in spring,

And in autumn I weep--

Bring your baskets, for my branches are full with a thousand hearts, both tart and sweet...

Now I am a woman.


Each stanza has one more line than the one before. Like growth rings in a tree. ;-)


Anonymous said…
So good! This is so good it squeezes my emotions.

ellen abbott said…
Oooo and ohhh and shiver.
steveroni said…
Yessss. I love this, but I stay away from your garden except to
observe the life there, and experience the vivid color (even the black-and-whites) the heavenly scents (heaven-sent?), the overall beauty. OK?

And I would never NEVER injure even a stem-leaf of one of your blossoms.

-One of the WEEDS across the street
TALON said…
"You are just the black in the night,
And the space between dreams," --

so beautiful and feels to me like the definition of loneliness.

Poignant poem, Shay.
Kay said…
Have i told you lately that you are amazing!!!! absolutely love this!
Jinksy said…
A clever and thoughtful definition of a woman in the making, from child to adult.
Cloudia said…

You better submit this someplace serious!


Aloha, Poet-Friend!

Comfort Spiral
mac said…
"Now I am a woman" ?

No, there is something missing there.
"Now you are an AMAZING woman!"
Ileana said…
I agree with Mac and the are an AMAZING woman and you should publish this in A BOOK, CHICA! ¡¿QuĂ© esperas?!
Unknown said…
a wow post.
enjoy the weekend
Shadow said…
this is deeeeeee-vine! and so true for many of us, how we grow, change and blossom over and over again...
Anonymous said…
Your words go straight to my heart.
cinderkeys said…
Where I came from, they discouraged girls from becoming trees. How little they understood.
Sara said…
Shay -- As trees are one of my favorite plants, I loved that you added an extra line to each stanza, like the growth rings in a tree.

You are such creative spirit:~)
Unknown said…
This really hit a nerve with me in all the best ways, that nerve that makes you realize you're alive and filled with the joys and the living of the now...oh sweet Shay you are the tree that completely grows your rings ever closer to us and our hearts...
may i offer you an apple?
mason said…
man i hope you read this i see you have a lot of comments on this poem i love it. its like your all grown up but you still do the things you do when you where younger and personally i think thats great it can help you stay young are childhood will never leave are sides
Vesper said…
This is such a haunting song... so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...

Unknown said…
and a damned fine example of one if I do sez so meself !!!