Gladys Edna Croppelbottom

Gladys Edna Croppelbottom

Full of grace and whatnottelbottom,

Leaves everyone besottelbottomed

And to most things says whynottelbottom?

Gladys Edna Croppelbottom

Once she starts, won't stoppelbottom,

By S&M is not shockelbottomed

And is a well-known toppelbottom.

Such a lady

A genuine star--

You can see her ride by

In her fifty-foot car.

Gladys Edna Croppelbottom

Was once A-Lula Be-Boppelbottom,

But she died on an Everest outcroppelbottom

When she didn't notice the droppelbottom.

The name "Gladys Edna Croppelbottom" is the product of the twisted mind of Helen T. ;-)
The superfluous picture of Jordana Brewster is for you, Mac. :-)
"Be-Bop-A-Lula" sung by Gene Vincent.


Tabitha Bird said…
LOL! Oh I loved this!!! Pure genius!
Anonymous said…
Ah, the price and the payback for living a life of oblivion.
Thinking you'll never have to watch your step...

Crazy Nut said…
Oh... my goodness!! Just look at what you can do with a few words uttered by a mad woman. I love it!. This brought a ray of sunshine and a bucket load of laughter to what was otherwise a dull day. Thank you Shay.
ellen abbott said…
A modern Mother Goose?
Dul├že ♥ said…
And you tell me?
Well such a unique talent needs no comments
But must know I've been herr to read her every single day!
And this one... as all the other ones WOW!
And LOL and WOW again.
TALON said…
Poor Gladys - she "came a cropper" as Mother would say.

Loved it, Shay!
Mama Zen said…
"By S&M is not shockelbottomed' just killed me!
Riot Kitty said…
You had me laughing beginning with the title!
mac said…
I should say it twice.
Once for the funny prose,
It's Oh so nice.
& once for the picture, on the nose.

Thank you,
Thank you!

Cloudia said…
Be Boppa Wonderful!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral
Ekanthapadhikan said…
Wow, dear friend, WOW!!! That was a cool one!
Ileana said…
The photo, title and poem go beautifully together. You brought a big smile to my face this morning, my friend.

I feel like changing my name to Gladys Edna Croppelbottom! ;)
Unknown said…
This is so brilliant that any comment I could have would be so effinlackinbottom that it would only pale in comparision to your poetess prowessabottom!

Thank you for your brilliant poems...
Joanna Jenkins said…
You crack me up. What a way with words.
Vesper said…
Excellent! :-) :-) :-)

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