Send Down The Ladder

(for Kelly Dickson)

I know she's up there

Hiding in the leaves

A tree house

That's-for-me house

Half-way between clouds and flower garden

Hey up there! Excuse me! Pardon!

Let down the rope ladder

Send down the rope ladder

I know she's up there

Actin' like she don't care

I brought

Sandwiches and tea

Send our secret ladder down!

It's dull here on the ground!

I even brought two lovely ripe plums

And with that--presto!--down it comes

Now we're two up in the tree

Quite contentedly




Just Baby K

And me

Queen and duchess

Of the cloud and garden tree.



Sara said…
This poem was so much fun to read aloud. I also love the idea of a tree house. I always wished for one when I was little.

I did a tree that I would climb into and sit on a branch just watching life go by -- it was childhood sanctuary:~)
Anonymous said…
That's a special place for spending time and dreaming, oh, to be a child and have all that free time...
cinderkeys said…
I'd settle for a comfortable tree branch, possible to climb to, but sufficiently far from the ground.
Joanna Jenkins said…
I smell a children's book in this post! It's perfect.

Sorry I haven't been around lately, it's been a little crazy in LaLaLand, but I'm off to catch up on your older posts now.

Hope your week is good.
Ileana said…
Make room in that tree house for me. I'll prepare the espresso with extra foam and bring your favorite chocolate!
mac said…
You girls have fun in that tree house, it seems delightful :-)
Tabitha Bird said…
Oh that treehouse!!! I want to sit up there and read your poetry all afternoon. Just think of the blue days I could let happily drift by :)
TALON said…
I never had a tree house - though my sister and I had a fort and it was alternately boy territory or girl territory depending on who arrived there first that day.

You brought it all back to me - especially the "No boys!" We worked hard making very specific signs - lol!

Loved it, Shay!
Riot Kitty said…
Awesome! I love it!
Shadow said…
hey, call me first, i wanna come too....
Kelly said…
tee hee! you let the secret outta the bag now YTP! :D

love this, it's so special, as are you... and i love my twee house,

'I know she's up there, acting like she don't care' - ha ha, yeah you got me, but heart aches the same as any other heart...


fank oooooooooo xxxxxxxxxx

p.s external membership is allowed on a day by day basis... lol - but def NO BOYS! soweeeeeeeeee xxx
Vesper said…
A tree house... every child's dream of secret adventures... I love this, Shay! You "captured" it perfectly.
Send our secret ladder down!
It's dull here on the ground!

lady macleod said…
Oh that's lovely with a very nice rhythm. I had a brilliant tree house when I was child and I remember deciding to live there forever, perhaps adding on a few extensions as the years past...
Unknown said…
Oh the joys of the NBA club..No boys allowed.

I live in an apartment that is upstairs and feels like a tree house all the time, I love it...

If I bring some crumpets and promise to not be a strumpet would you let your ladder down for me?

Mama Zen said…
Baby Puppy is tormenting me for a tree house. She has made very elaborate plans. Alas, I have no suitable tree!
Daryl said…
I'll wait here .. dont like heights
Anonymous said…
Man, always wanted a tree house. It seems like magic happens in such places. Maybe it's 'cos they're closer to the sky so as to scoop it right up?
Kelly said…
i knew i was looking for somefink! ;) found it! lol@me xxx

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