Beeville Love Story

Isn't my girl beautiful
In her white dress
Stepping out of Mass?

She's beautiful, and can change her own oil...
So beautiful
The sun shines out her ass.

Here, we have
Three traffic signals
Four diners
Seven churches
And just one of my girl.

Kiss the cross.
Meetcha by the tracks.
My girl,
So beautiful.



G-Man said…
Maybe I'd like to see where the Sun don't shine..
Loved your story Shay.
It's always an honor to have you contribute..Thank You.
Excellent and perfect 55.
A product of the creative and complex mind of Fireblossom. Of whom I've had the Great Honor to give a great Big Bear Hug to. One of the most exciting meetings of my life..:-)
Have a Kick Ass Week-End Dearie
G-Man said…
Oh Yeah.....
Numero UNO!!!!!!!!!!
(My Life is now Complete)
Bubba said…
I second what G-Man said above.

That picture reminded me of one of mine: Divergence
Brian Miller said…
ha. love your spunk...and where i come from the railroad tracks is where we went so we would have something to tell the preacher man come confession. smiles. nice 55.
TALON said…
This brought back memories of the small town I grew up in. Traintracks neatly bisected the town and bisected the people, too.

This was an awesome 55, Shay!
Lynn said…
You have the best imagination. I love that your girl can change her own oil. :)
Cloudia said…


come see my post today, bubelleh

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral
Unknown said…
I have no idea how you do it, or where all this comes from but I wish at times I had just a smidge of your muse...this one hit it out of the park on my Friday!!!!

Mojo said…
Sounds like my kinda girl.

Well 'cept for maybe one little detail. (I'm not Catholic. *wink*)
CiCi said…
Lots of special little things in this post. I particularly like that "she's beautiful and can change her own oil".
Friko said…
You are indeed a poet.
I enjoyed the Magpie and the Flash.
mac said…
Her name wouldn't be Annison would it?
moondustwriter said…
she is beautiful like your prose

Gr8 55
and have a wonderful wkend

the moon is smiling tonight
Mama Zen said…
The shines out her ass . . . I was SO not expecting that!
Jannie Funster said…
And hey, I think that was the shortest comment of my blogging career so far.

Claudia said…
..and can change her own oil...that rocks!
Kay said…
haha... the funny thing is... how many can relate????


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