A Lover's Apology

Tell me, Darling,

Despite the pain,

Before you

Leave with what's-her-name,

How did we

Come to this?

How did we

Come to this?

Last night--

So bittersweet;


Between your feet...

I loved you,

Yes I loved you still

As you were so gracefully

Being ill...

Our three weeks together

Will live forever

Inside my heart.

Tell me, Darling,

Despite the tears,

And the ruin

Of both of our careers,

How did we

Come to this?

How did we

Come to this?

Tell me, Sweetheart,

Before you go

Honey, please

I've got to know

Did you love me?

Do you love me still?

Or would you rather

Cut me dead where I stand?

Our three weeks together

Will live forever

Inside my heart

Like a sado-masochistic Disneyland;

I'm sorry

I'm so truly sorry

It's come to this.


Daryl said…
Dont you hate it when it goes flat?
Jinksy said…
I guess the most anyone can do, is recognise love while it lasts, enjoy, then let it go with no regrets. That way lies wisdom...
CiCi said…
Shoot, three weeks is just a long one nighter. Ha.
TALON said…
Shay, I did laugh at the second stanza - from champagne to vomit definitely sums up a lot of super short relationships.

Those crazy crazy flings. This one had me in mind of an indiscretion gone very public and very embarrassing.
ellen abbott said…
some things burn so bright they just burn out.
Red Shoes said…
Three weeks can be a long one-nighter, but make an impact all the same... This reminds me too much of my last relationship bust... :o(

Very expressive... all the right questions asked...


Lynn said…
Three weeks and lots of impact, it seems...
Riot Kitty said…
Remind me to tell you about the summer on 1999...this sums it up perfectly.
Kay said…
But I'm not! :) Get over it, already! :))

sad, sad tale there sweetheart.

it's true, you know. One person is always more in love than the other...

hmmph... and where do we fit into it all??? The lover or the loved?
Mama Zen said…
If only you would learn to share,
the two of you could hold my hair,
and it wouldn't have to come to this.
Mojo said…
I hit the line about "Our three weeks together" and put coffee through my nose.

So who rented the U-Haul?

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