The Cat And The Woman

(written originally for Holland's book)

The cat said--

"Love me love me love me love me"

"I am soft."

"I am beautiful."

I can be yours, and no other's."

The woman said,


You are hard.

You are gaudy.

Above all, you would be faithless.

The cat said--

"I am hungry."

"I am lonely."

"See me, how pitiful I am, and how much I need you."

The woman said,

I am out of tuna fish.

You shed.

I have no time for you, so scat!

The cat said--

Very well, then. I will go. You are a heartless woman and I will find someone else,

Who wants me,

Who'll feed me,

And who will see and cherish my beauty, grace, and soul.

My new Mistress will be the envy of all!

"No! Stay!" cried the woman, too late,

And wept.



Bill Lisleman said…
this had me thinking of a few things -
1) don't like cats
2) what if Lassie had been a cat (there's a youtube clip about it)
3) a recent post by Secret Agent Woman

Great picture!
Riot Kitty said…
Sounds about right ;)
Tess Kincaid said…
My kids had their fair share of cats back in the day, but I'm really a dog person. I miss our dearly departed yellow labs.
Mojo said…
Cue the Joni...
Oh that's the way it goes
You don't know what you've got till it's gone
They paved paradise,
And put up a parking lot.

mac said…
Yep, when we let the cat out of the bag, she's a goner...
Holland said…
All the more reasons to love cats...
CiCi said…
That is such a nice picture.

I wish I could have a cat, want one very much, but not possible. Cats are pretty quick to make up their minds aren't they? Hey, you want or not or I can find someone who will. Sorta my motto too. Smile.
Lynn said…
What would we do without them?
Anonymous said…
meow, meow,


- Dina
Ileana said…
Cry, bitch! lol

Why is it that when a new one comes along yesterday's news suddenly becomes the story of the day?? I HATE that!!
Ileana said…
PS - When I wrote "cry, bitch!" I was not referring to you, sweet Shay...FYI (not that you didn't know that already). :)
Tabitha Bird said…
Well that will learn her hey :)

Beautiful poem as always. And I am glad you are enjoying the book. I could not put it down either. Let me know what you think when you are done.
Shadow said…
that's a cat all right!
ninotaziz said…
Whoa, behold the cat scorned...Claws out to get you!
TALON said…
Stripey is smiling and he told me, "Don't worry - you're the best mistress in the world." (but he's known to fib when tuna is involved).

This made me think of that old saying, "You don't know what you've got until it's gone"

Cats - you either love them or you hate them. And I think that's exactly why I love them.

Can I say awesome poem, Shay? Cuz it is!
PattiKen said…
You don't mess with a cat. Cats know things.

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