Cocoanut Farm

The bitchy hen lays black eggs--

Even the fox won't touch them.

The bitchy hen has it in for both the farmer and the rooster--

And when one of her nasty black eggs cracks open,

An impenetrable night is born.

The rooster begins to lose purpose, as the lightless hours go on and on;

The farmer sleeps for a week.

The bitchy hen's mood improves, and when the sun finally bursts, all at once, into the sky

(as if it had been being held back by colossal, fire-retardant rubber bands),

She lays a black-and-white egg.

It turns out not to be an egg at all, but rather, an unusually spherical calf,

Whose legs and head have not yet arrived in the mail.

So it goes at Cocoanut Farm, which is actually a ginormous boat,

Or, perhaps, some sort of unmoored island with a barn on it.

Stay for breakfast.

We're having eggs.

Stay for dinner.

We're having chicken.

Stay, stay and meet our Queen,

The chattiest cow

You've ever seen.

(painted green).

Don't worry,

You'll see.


Clearly, my once-considerable talent has hit rock bottom with this, lol.



ellen abbott said…
Well, it made me laugh if that helps.

You're not alone. My once considerable talent has been on vacation for two years now. I'm starting to wonder if it will ever be back.
TALON said…
I'm packing my bags and I'm on my way :) xx

There were shades of Suess in this and shades that were pure Shay...which I will now think of as Shay-shades :)
Mojo said…
Old MacDonald's Acid Dream... EIEIO
Riot Kitty said…
Don't be hard on yourself, this was fantastic!
Lynn said…
Shay-shades - I like that. Love those chatty cows. :)
Mama Zen said…
If I had to lay eggs, I'd be bitchy, too.
Unknown said…
Dear Shay...this one just made me smile the widest grin..rock way this is great and actually was Dr.Suessian in nature with just a hint of Dr.Freud and Jung to make it hilariously quirky in all the best ways!

miss and love you
Ileana said…
This is the kind of picture book I'd buy for myself. :)
Holland said…
Why did you say yoyr talent has hit rock bottom, you made me laugh and that is hardly a "low-point" lol
Senorita said…
Oh, if I could come back as an animal, I would be one fat, bitchy hen.

But not all is lost. Sometimes I do lay a nasty egg.

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