I Wasn't Looking, But There You Were

I wasn't looking, but there you were,
Such a sexy dream
Looking for someone,
Searching for someone
Who hadn't heard
Oh, Sweetheart,
Who hadn't heard your shit before.

I wasn't looking, but still you came,
Such a sweet talker
Looking for someone,
Searching for a country fool
Who hadn't heard
Oh, Sugar,
Every lame and empty line before.

You and me in a beautiful pea green boat,
Is this love?
Is this some kind of joke?
I'm not laughing.
Do you see me laughing?
Oh, wait,
You are. (I'm such a bloody bore.)

I wasn't looking, but there you were,
Searching for some simple rube
To leave hypnotized and stupid.
Oh, Honey,
It's me
It's me
It's obviously me.


Kay said…
and it will always be you, you, you... ha!

I'm hearing quite a bit on animosity lately... I like it!
Mama Zen said…
Stupid sounds so much cooler in Latin!
Riot Kitty said…
I like the pea green boat reference...I memorized that to recite in fourth grade and have never forgotten the words.
ellen abbott said…
I was always easily duped.
Tabitha Bird said…
Oh yeah! Love it! I love all your poems. Sad to hear that you have stopped submitting.I hope you will again someday soon. There are some words that should be heard by the larger population. Yours are such words, my friend.

Has the book I sent arrived yet?
mac said…
They sneak up on us doncha know !
TALON said…
Ah, but you're only a true rube if you fall for the same lines more than 20x. Yup, that's a fact. It is! Don't look at me like that, Shay - lol!
Mojo said…
The Owl and the Pussycat...

Neither of those would seem to be much of a rube. Perhaps just overly optimistic?

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