My Dream Of Starfish

The older I get, the more I admire Mucha's women and Gibson girls.

I want to be them. I do.

I want to wear a hat that takes up half the room,

So nobody can see around me.

I want a long dress with a sash,

Endless thick hair and curves like nobody's business.

I want to be young in a way that I never was--

Give me ten minutes

And I could run the goddam place.

Look at me, I'm a mess.

I grind my teeth and dream of angels.

I dream I'm at work and can't find the addresses;

Hallways go on and on and nothing makes sense.

I dream I am making love with someone, yes, that one I can't have,

And when I wake up, I am like a wave--

I am flowing and spreading;

There are starfish next to my pillow and on my sheets.

I want to catch a trolley car to the flickers.

I want to smoke sitting on the church steps, with my wrists dangling on my knees.

I want to believe that I am good enough, just once.

I want fall to come, I want red leaves on everything;

I want winter to follow and freeze them.

I want to pick out my grave before I die,

I want to dream there,

I want someone to bring asters in the summertime and say, "There she is. The poet."

I want my visitor to wear something vintage.

I want her to look like Evelyn Nesbit;

I want her to be me, the me I never could be.

I want her to look like an angel,

Or a Gibson girl.

I want her to wear starfish earrings.


for One Shot Wednesday

poster art by Alphonse Mucha


Cloudia said…
She will!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral
LL Cool Joe said…
I want to be LL Cool J
Fireblossom said…
~bangs head against the wall~
Brian Miller said…
look there is the poet...smiles.

i think those are fine dreams shay...waking as a wave with starfish on your pillow...after an intimate dream...nice. smiles.

may all your dreams come true...
dustus said…
Most people when you ask them what they want, replies are brief like "happy" "fulfilled" etc... Your poem answers this question and at the same time reveals a great deal of self-knowledge and personality. thanks
mac said…
Lovely :-)

I want all my loved ones to visit my grave - because in doing so, that means I do not have to visit theirs.
Lynn said…
Lots of good dreams there!
TALON said…
"I want to believe that I am good enough, just once." -- you are, but my saying it won't make you believe it. I hope that you feel that way not just once, but always.
Mojo said…
"She" could never be you. There's only one FB. Unique and special and inimitable.

And much more than merely "good enough".
Maude Lynn said…
I grind my teeth and dream of angels, too. But, I'm not sure that any of us were ever young in the way we imagine others were. At least, I wasn't.
Ileana said…
Dreamy and fun and hopeful. Sad, too, in a way. I love it!

PS - I have dolphin earrings I can let you borrow. :)
Unknown said…
Mucha...omg again how are we not separated at MUCHA...then again I just think we need to start our own silent film women come back...*sweet*

Love you! This was a very amazing and wonderful post as they all are!!!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Go for it. I hope all your dreams come true. And I always wanted "Endless thick hair and curves like nobody's business." too.
signed...bkm said…
Great writing Fireblossom, the Gibson girls, love the ending... the sense of looking over you own grave- saying there she is the poet...wonderful image and you standing there with starfish the whole feel of the piece....bravo..bkm

I could go on but I will stop there...blessings.
moondustwriter said…
Dreamy is good Shay. Who needs reality!!!

Thanks for being here at One Shot (sorry it took me days to get here)

have a gr8 wkend

Love from the Moon
Tabitha Bird said…
I think this is one of my favorite poems of yours. Sometimes there are starfish on my pillow too.

btw- I am glad that sometimes the feet that run beside you are from some crazy place like Australia. :) Sometimes the feet that run beside me are from halfway around the world, have a beautiful name she chose herself and write poetry like the morning sun.
X Tab
Marshy said…
Hi, I have been away for a week and am catching up on all the great posts at One Stop....

there was a lot there i understood..hence why i still wear my earrings!!!!

thanks for sharing..cheers Pete