Danny's, Home For Wayward Girls

More Savanna, because Sara asked for it. More Danny's because everybody asked for it. :-)

Savanna walks into Danny's Coffee Shop.

She is wearing a long skirt and boots.

She is thin.

"What is she, about twelve?" says Chloe to Denise the waitress. "Maybe you better card her."

"It's a coffee shop, you dipshit," chirps Denise.

God, the other waitress, hurries by.

"Behold! It is Yahweh, the great I Am!" Chloe announces, smirking. Denise chuckles.

"Oh cut it out you guys," says God, tilting her chin up and giving them both her best bite-me smile.

Denise goes over to Savanna.

"Hi hun. Been here before?"

"Sure, lots of times." She's never been within ten miles of the place.

She orders a small mocha. It's all she has the money for.

The Queen Of The Vampires, sitting at a nearby booth, shape-shifts into a black panther and gracefully hops down to go investigate the newbie,

But the Dark-Haired Chick catches her tail in her hand and brings her up short.

The QOTV whirls around, all gleaming white fangs and slashing claws,

But the Dark-Haired Chick just goes, "Pffft!" and goes back to her coffee.

Everybody knows,

The DHC can do anything she wants to the QOTV and the QOTV will let her.

For a second, Savanna's eyes are as big as gypsy moons before she recovers herself and remembers to act cool.

"That your cat?" she asks the Dark-Haired Chick.

The QOTV is sulkily shredding the booth and making a mess of it.

"Never saw her before," answers the DHC, dryly.

God comes over and talks to Savanna for a minute and then comes back with two sandwiches and a jumbo latte.

"I can pay," says Savanna.

"I know, sugar, but first time customers get this. It's a promotion." God is lying her head off. They never do this.

As God walks back by her, Chloe says, "Be careful, Mother Teresa. That one's got a knife in her boot."

"I know. I know everything."

"I roe ebryting," mocks Chloe, unhappily. "Nobody likes a know-it-all!"

"Nobody doesn't like me," counters God, brightly.

"That's Sara Lee," calls the Succubus from her corner table where she is reading the daily advice column through dark glasses.

"What?" they all ask.

The Succubus lowers her shades. "Sara Lee. It's 'nobody doesn't like Sara Lee.' Duh."

The QOTV is leaving deep grooves in the table with her claws. This seems to please her.

Savanna has one sandwich left, but not for long.

Danny walks in.

"Hi Danny!" they all sing.

"Hi girls," he growls contentedly.

Every day is a good day at Danny's Coffee Shop in Norman.

Today is no exception.



Cloudia said…
yeah...epic good!

Aloha from Hawaii, sister-friend :)

Comfort Spiral
Ileana said…
You've outdone yourself, Chica...again! It's time to find a publisher.

I love how you threw the Succubus in there with Sara Lee...and who doesn't love Chloe?

PS - You wanna see MY best bite-me smile?? lol I like that line.
Lynn said…
I laughed out loud at nobody doesn't like Sara Lee. This was so fun.
TALON said…
And it's a very good day in Shay's Word Garden when she posts a new installment of Danny's Coffee Shop. :)

I love that God lies - especially for a good cause.
mac said…
I'm sure the QOTV just wanted someone to pet her..
G-Man said…
Just checkin on you Shay...
Bubbling with wit still I see....

Unknown said…
OMG I just love these threads of Danny's coffee shop and the whole QOTV threads, they always remind me in a quirky way, OMG WV is this place...LOL...

Thank you and Love as always
moondustwriter said…
you weave them so well
wonder what Savanna has up her sleeve???

Thanks Shay for your visits to my site

Moon Smiles
Mama Zen said…
It's always good to be back at Danny's!
Mojo said…
Ahh, Danny's. It's enough to make me wish I was a girl.

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