Room Service

I brought you breakfast on a tray.

It lifted its head and its narrow, evil tongue flicked in and out.

It's leathery foot dangled off the silver edge,

And a lemon wedge fell.

"What is this?" you said.

"Shay, what the fuck is this?"

I said,

"It is love given and received.

It is something to do while waiting for Judgement to scorch its way through the atmosphere,

Like a needle into skin."

I sat on the edge of the bed,

Picked up your hand and kissed each finger,

Finding them redolent of me, moreso than my own bones.

I went on:

"It is foul,

It is poison.

It is me paying you back in kind."

But you were already gone,

And I was only talking to myself.



Kay said…
evil. absolutely. hehehehe
TALON said…
They say revenge is a dish best served cold.

Knowing that someone has behaved badly to you and not having the opportunity to let them know it, completely sucks.
Mama Zen said…
PoetryTSD . . . love it!
Lynn said…
That is so sad.
Daryl said…
redolent .. I do love that word .. now if only I was cool enough to use it
Riot Kitty said…
Dark is right...but it's great all the same.
Mojo said…
Oh I do feel horribly uninformed. "TSD"? But my feelings on revenge are that the best way to get it is to live well. It works for me anyway. ;-)
Joanna Jenkins said…
That's dark but oh so well written,
Unknown said…
Yes, dark. In a sort of thrilling way. And I'm getting some vibe about Cleopatra and all those asps.
Ileana said…
She gets what she deserves. Nothing more, nothing less. Bitch!
Senorita said…
What am I not seeing here ? Did someone piss you off ? I wouldn't want to piss you off.

Never piss off a person who smiles at you and serves you breakfast.
Holland said…
I cannot count the times that I wanted to speak my mind and then let the moment pass... If only we could take those moments back and speak our