"Don't let the rain come down

Oh no, don't let the rain come down

Don't let the rain come down,

My roof's got a hole in it and I might drown"

--Serendipity Singers

"When the rain comes, they hide themselves in bed

They might as well be dead

When the rain comes

When the rain comes"

--The Beatles

Here, like many places this summer, we have been having LOTS of very hot steamy weather. And, as many of you know, yours truly earns a crust by carrying the mail. I am that woman wearing the pith helmet, with a dog hanging fashionably off of each shapely leg, shaking her fist at the sky and shouting, "Curse you, sun! Curse you!"

Well, today was another baker, and there I was, a little steamed vegetable wilting in the heat. I was walking around the 'hood in my postal shorts and red tank, having abandoned my diabolically designed, heat-retaining postal uniform shirt. This is strictly against the rules, of course. One must be in full and proper postal costume at all times, but you know how I get with rules. I know they exist, but I am foggy about why, or what they have to do with little old me. 

I had no sooner started my third walking loop, when clouds rolled in and the skies opened. No, I don't mean that J.C. stepped down out of Heaven and gathered all the good people with him, leaving me to turn out the lights. I mean, buckets, torrents, absolute walls of rain started pouring down out of the sky. At first, the drops were actually cold against the skin of my neck and back. It wasn't long before I was practically swimming up the block. And do you know what? It was glorious.

Remember when you were small, and a summer rain would start, and you would run outside just to horse around in it and cool off? I am thinking that, unless you have young kids to be your beard ("I'm just out here with the kids! Honest!"), the only way a grown woman of a certain age can wander around the neighborhood in a rainstorm, grinning like a fool, without being taken away by the police or hospital orderlies, is to be a mail lady.

Uncomplicated joy. Kids know all about it. I remembered it today. I had it today.  Oh yeah. *dances* How ya like me now? Uh huh! Yes, I got soaked. And I loved every second of it. Now, if it had been 45 degrees and blustery, then that's another matter. But it was 92 degrees and raining cats and dogs (gatos y perros? was that it, Ily? or did I just say "cats and alarm clocks" or something? Ha!) and it was just as nice as a free popsicle.

Rain, I don't mind. As the Beatles sang, the weather's fine. :-)




Riot Kitty said…
That is fantastic. Especially you wearing the red tank! Right with you about rules...
mac said…
I love summer rain :-)
It was near 100 degrees here today, but we didn't have a tiny bit of rain.

I probably should ride my bike, that's a sure fire way to get rain ;-)
cinderkeys said…
I like rain. I love rain when it comes down hard enough to be an event.

In Tucson, during monsoon season, a really good storm will halt productivity altogether as everybody gathers to stare out the window.

I remember, once or twice in college, walking through a hard rain and smiling at people who were smiling at me. The grins on all sides were a shared acknowledgment.

Can you believe how much we're getting pummeled by the wet?

I know!

Good times.
I feel so close to your words, since we have had a dreadful week of rain here.
I also can share some of your childhood memories about rain. Back then a rain shower was innocent fun!!
Lynn said…
That sounds like glorious fun to me. It does remind me of lighthearted days when as a kid we used to run around in the rain. Yes - I always think those postal uniforms look hot.
Brian Miller said…
i love playing int he rain...the pic of the boy in the mudpuddle...i want to be him...lol. it was 101 yesterday...coulda used the rain...
ellen abbott said…
Oh yeah. Rules. I'm not too good with those either.

and your rain story? yay!
Ileana said…
You and rules, Chica...it may as well rain cats and alarm clocks (but yes, you got it right!). :)

I love the visual of you prouncing in the rain, whistling Beatles tunes and getting your tank and postal shorts wet! Ha!
Senorita said…
I did not know that you are a mail lady ! So that's where your references to paper rolls and door slots comes from !

I've missed you on my blogs lately, I sincerely hope I didn't post anything to offend you.
Cloudia said…

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral
RachelW said…
We slept in the tent last night (me, the kids and dogs) as we have been sleeping for most of the summer. It rained and rained. Somehow, I sleep better outside, when it is raining. Out there, this summer, is the best sleep I've had in years. I'm with you on the rain. Bring it on!
Joanna Jenkins said…
How did I not know you are the mail lady?!?!?! I missed that somewhere along the way. You have a tough job girl. But I'm glad you enjoyed the rain. Sometime a good splish splash can make your day :-)

Hope the weather is cooperating for you this weekend.

Cheers, jj

PS Stop by, I'm having a new giveaway
Mojo said…
Damn. Won't you send some of that this way? Pretty please? I'll pay extra for express mail, seriously. It was 101 here yesterday with a heat index of 110. I was raining.

And singing Eric Clapton:
"Let it rain
Let it rain
Let your love rain down on me."
TALON said…
We got lots of rain - arrived home to battered flowers. But they were still smiling cuz we needed that rain BAD!
moondustwriter said…
Ain't life grand? Even when it rains

Shay - love it. you are sooo real

Smiles from the Moon
Unknown said…
thanks for making me smile
have an awesome week
LL Cool Joe said…
Here in the UK rain isn't really a novelty. Sun is. :D

I never break any rules. :)
Maude Lynn said…
Did you splash in all of the puddles? I sure hope so.