I'm Savanna.
I live right up these steps.
This is a sycamore.
That's a mulberry.
Sycamores are too big, messy, not really pretty.
I carved my name into the wood--
With a good sharp knife.

I'm Savanna.
I like night, and summer, best.
I have a cat, and I can tell
You're not from anyplace around here.
Would you like to kiss me?
I didn't mean right now.
I have given up painting my nails,
Or trying to be sweet.
I spell my name Savanna--
No "h".
That's right.

I'm Savanna.
Does anybody know you're here?
I like long skirts, and boots, all seasons.
When a girl tells you she loves you,
It can be tricky.
This tree is a locust.
I don't live up these stairs.
Summer is too long and hot,
And I don't intend to let you kiss me.
My name isn't Savanna,
I told the truth about the knife.


Riot Kitty said…
Hey...what inspired this one?
Kay said…
so you have met my alter-ego, have you???
mac said…
Glad to mee you, (not)Savanna.
TALON said…
Savanna(no "h") is not the one you want to go up the stairs with but she's probably the one they choose most often.

I loved the last stanza and "This tree is a locust" was a great line, Shay.
Daryl said…
I knew you was tellin' a tale
LL Cool Joe said…
I thought Savanna would carve her name in her skin somehow.
Sara said…

I kind of like Savanna or whatever her real name is. Will we get to read more about her? She's got a lot of spunk and her mischievousness just pops out:~)

I also enjoyed how you wove your way to the ending..."I told the truth about the knife."

This one made me smile. I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but I enjoyed it:~)
Brian Miller said…
ooo...twisty...sounds like someone i dont want to mess with...smiles.
Lynn said…
Savanna sounds very mysterious!
Ileana said…
Savanna without the h...I love that!

PS - Maybe you should read the book I recommended in today's post! lol
Tabitha Bird said…
Love it. I want to met Savanna, or who ever she really is :)
moondustwriter said…
A girl who knows her knife *sweet*

I'm soooo glad you found us at One Stop Poetry - feedback is welcome. We want it to be a one stop for poets

Moon love
Mama Zen said…
Every girl needs a good sharp knife.
Mojo said…
Sweet knife it is too. A Gerber? Or maybe it's custom.

Bet I know where it came from. ;-)

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