November Love Song

I had a blue-eyed love--
In the heart of winter, we'd meet;
Crystal snow spread across our bed,
And river ice beneath.
I'm reminded by the cold and leaden sky--
My blue-eyed love and I.

I had a green-eyed love--
In the heart of summer we'd meet;
Lilies spread across our bed,
And drowning depths beneath.
I'm reminded by unforgiving July--
My green-eyed love and I.

I had a black-eyed love--
In the heart of autumn, we'd meet;
Windblown leaves spread across our bed,
And only the earth beneath.
Cruel the desire that lives nor dies--
My black-eyed love and I.

for One Shot Wednesday.


Robert Lloyd said…
The more I explore your blogs the more I am intrigued. This poem was vivid and tantalizing. I love your photos and the sultriness of your style. I have to wonder what lies beyond the walls of the private blog lol. Thank you for sharing your poems. I loved the image that this had in the first stanza.
JRM said…
Very nice. It makes me want to read more!
moondustwriter said…
Love is fickle isn't it???

You know I love your style

Thanks for being with us at One Shot Wednesday

Moon smiles
Ruth said…
The echoes of your stanzas work so well. Lovely.
Fireblossom said…
Robert, my private blog contains my erotic short stories.

Everyone...thank you so much for visiting and reading. I hope to make it around to all of yours very soon!
anthonynorth said…
This was marvellously constructed.
Mory said…
simply fantastic. i love the way you change the eye's color in different season to reflect your emotions.
Brian Miller said…
love the progression through the seasons as well as the color...and as always you capture the senses and send them realing...nicely done.
Riot Kitty said…
Us hazel-eyed girls need love, too!
Kira Stann said…
This read in my head as a song. I love the different portrayals of the loves!
ellen abbott said…
Oh sweetie, shivers.
Lynn said…
That is just beautifully written.
Mama Zen said…
I hear medieval music with this. Gorgeous, gorgeous writing.
signed...bkm said…
Fabulous piece Fireblossom, I love the transition between the color of eyes and their correlation to the seasons of love...bkm

happy to see you added to the Poet's United rolls...
Cloudia said…
you good

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral
TALON said…
And what of Spring? She would have to be the hazel eyes, I think ;).

The flow between the seasons, the colors and the accompaniement of all things natural is just beautiful, Shay.
desk49 said…
Black wings upon
an angle dark
Three lovers
did you see
leaden skies
unforgiving July
that lives nor dies
across the bed with thē
Marshy said…
i think i feel in love with every season!!! but that season that kept me warm when i wanted it most most surely have been my black eyed theres some memories...thanks for sharing with One Shot..cheers Pete
Tabitha Bird said…
Always good. Always spicy :)
Anonymous said…
You say so much about life through this form and symbolism. Very well written. Thanks.

Also, appreciate you being a part of One Shot Wednesday!
Mojo said…
Saaaayyyy, isn't that DHC from Danny's?

Bittersweet memories, dearie?
Suz said…
funny how we can't hold on to any season but must submit to the next one
interesting poem
loved the construction too
Anonymous said…
Such a fascinating writing. I love the eye color flowing different kinds of love in the seasons. Well written, beautiful! ~April
Anonymous said…
I like this one a lot. I see it and feel it. I could almost hear Ingrid Michelson singing it.
The Bug said…
Oh yeah - Ingrid Michaelson would do a GREAT job singing this!

I was going to ask about spring too. Maybe that's the one that stayed...
Claudia said…
Ahhh - the love of the seasons - so nicely written -so well put!
Fireblossom said…
Kind readers--I am trying to get around to all of your blogs, but my old comp has decided to play Carnival Of Error Messages and so I am having difficulties. Please bear with me. I appreciate all of your comments! :-)
Anonymous said…
makes me anticipate spring..your writing is beautiful!
Anonymous said…
My my my!!! What fantabulous imagery and awesome words to go with it!

Now I am in love with your blog...

I now have a brown-eyed love
In the heart of monsoon, we'd meet;
Blooming flora spread across our bed,
And splashy puddles beneath.
Those tuneful songs that make me sigh--
My brown-eyed love and I... :)

Very soulful... and oozing with style!!!
PattiKen said…
Very nice trip through the seasons of love, but I too wonder about Spring. Must be that Spring was the love one wants to forget.
Caty said…
I really enjoyed the captivity of this poem! enjoyed the passage through the seasons
joanna said…
Captivating, kept my interest through the seasons, and wanted to hear more of your poetry.


came by one stop poetry, hope your computer gets fixed, nothing worse for a writer then a bad computer.
Jessie said…
your imagergy, the flow and construction...loved it.