A God For Gypsies

Is there a God for gypsies?

Or are there only marks and pigeons,

Red onions and goulash?

If there is a God for gypsies,

She must be wearing stolen boots;

And be able to read the road like tarot cards.

I have seen every star

From every side;

I have been run out of town

In a dozen different languages.

My dog,

He is a scholar.

He understands meat on a bone

As if it were Shakespeare.

And me?

I don't understand a damn thing,

Except that the sun comes up

And the sun goes down.

If there is a God for gypsies,

I wonder if She likes dark-haired women?

I wonder if She knows a potion that will cure my longing.

The days, now,

They are getting shorter.

I wonder where I'll be tomorrow?

I wonder, and I ask the empty sky,

Is there sense in the darkness?

Is there

A God for gypsies?



mac said…
None that I see. Not even one.
Riot Kitty said…
Really nice poem, Shay.
TALON said…
I'd like to think so...

"My dog,
He is a scholar.
He understands meat on a bone
As if it were Shakespeare.

And me?
I don't understand a damn thing,
Except that the sun comes up
And the sun goes down." --- and that's the difference between us and dogs - they get it, we question it.

Loved it, Shay!
Kay said…
there is if gypsies believe... :)
Senorita said…
I love this poem !

I don't understand a damn thing either !
Ileana said…
I love your questions in the form of this beautiful poem.

PS - I, too, wonder where I'll be tomorrow. (Four more days of work, Chica!)
Brian Miller said…
yes, i think so...and wonder is his heart is not more at ease there...i dont think questioning is bad though...
Lynn said…
Absolutely - and I like the idea that she wears boots.
Blue Bunny said…
deerist shay,

yoo seems so sad in this pome, butt i can tel you there is a god for dark-hared ladies, a god wot loving dark-hared ladies so mutch.

also there is a god for karrits, wel my jannie say mor of a patrin sainte, but i thinks a god.

wit loves
Mojo said…
Yes, indeed there is. And if you get run out of town, you can always come stay with me. That would get interesting I'm sure.
Debbie said…
I certainly think so. Maybe more so for gypsies who have to trust all day every day.
ellen abbott said…
I have felt this way at times.
Jeannie said…
Great poem.

I know gypsies. They are not so very romantic. Maybe if they had a God for themselves...
Daryl said…
I think the idea of gypsies is very romantic .. did you ever see that old movie Golden Earrings? ..but a god/goddess .. I dont know ..
Shadow said…
definately! you've described her well
signed...bkm said…
What can I say, you are one of the best in blogland....there must be God for Gypsies...., there just must be....bkm
Unknown said…
I believe you to be gypsy and in that the god(s) you may believe in will be the ones that you create.

I saw you IM'd me but had an emergency meeting with student and dean that lasted WAY too long...
nonetheless you and Mr. B are on my mind and heart...

so much gypsy love to you!!!!

Joanna Jenkins said…
I'm trying to think of something profound to say other than WOW-- This was great. But you're the poet and I'm not so WOW, just, wow.
Love this one.
Mama Zen said…
I wish that I could read the road like tarot cards.
Tabitha Bird said…
Well, I think you know my answer. there is indeed a God for the gypsies :)

And I love that poem Shay.
Holland said…
If there is... she is probably shuffling the tarot cards on the gypsies...
Mary said…
My dogs are scholars too...smarter than me in the way they lead their lives dealing mostly with the important things: food, play, protection, love, rest.

A very creative poem. Unique idea!