Oh yes,

I think it's wonderful.


I wish you every happiness.

Who needs that rainbow shit anyway?

Good for you.

I'm glad. Honest.

You and Rick.

Hi, Rick.

Nice to meet you, too.

I know, gotta love her, right?

Ha ha.

What a girl.

Okay, bye Rick.


Wtf kind of name is Rick?

I mean, is that made up, or what?


It sounds vaguely disease-y.

"I'm sorry, but your hamster has rick."

That's pretty ricked.

Rick you, and your little dog, too.

"Did you hear? Uncle Larry has advanced rick. He's really ricked now."

What a shame.

"She ricked her girlfriend."

"Get out. No way."



Scientists say rick in the water is responsible for the outbreak.

Rick may lie undetected for years. Intestinal rick. Rick fever.

Mad rick disease.


Be with Rick.

I hope his rick turns black and falls off.

I hope his rick rolls down his pantleg and lands on your parents' Persian carpet.

I hope the dog eats it.

Poor dog.

Here's the number of a good vet.

What a rickhead.

No, you.

I didn't mean that.

Sure I did.

No I didn't.


Go with Rick.

Here's the name of a good flea shampoo.

Break up with Rick, free.


So, a lesbian, a straight girl, and a rick walk into a bar...

Oh, you've heard that one.

Rick joke, I know.

I better go.

Peace out.

Check it out.

Poke it with a rick.

Oh, you've already done that.

Sorry, but that's






Riot Kitty said…
I hope his rick turns black and falls off...LMAO! She is one confused girl, I hope you stay the hell away from her.
TALON said…
The whole time I was reading your poem, I kept thinking about my friend Rick and I think even he would say this is a fabulous poem.

I wonder what it's like to be a flip-flop sort of person? Do they ever find lasting happiness?
Anonymous said…
Nobody know Rick better than you do, you explained it so well.
Vesper said…
So, this is real... You expressed your sentiments quite well. :-(
the walking man said…
Kinda hard to avoid stepping in all the rick out there all the time.
ellen abbott said…
This was excellent. I loved it.
Daryl said…
I hope you have gotten this well out of your system. I love that this inspires you but I think even giving her one single word, no, even a single letter, a squiggle on paper is more recognition than she deserves ...
gerry boyd said…
Great post. Sorry about the Rick.
Sara said…
You are so funny. This was a LOL poem, which also DEFINITELY allowed you to express your feelings about RICK. I loved it!!!!

May we all be able to let it all out as you do in words:~)

p.s. My favorite was "mad Rick disease!"
Unknown said…
Broken hearts mend in time Shay....its tough to be so angry and out of focus and resentment filled when way back down the line we all know when something just isn't going to last. Stop kicking at your loss honey....she was never yours to begin with.
mac said…
Rick 'em all, if they can't take a joke!
~~Rick you, and your little dog, too.

My favorite line.
Mama Zen said…
And, a pox on Rick, too!
Unknown said…
LMAO...oh you just got RICKROLLED!!!

I couldn't resist and yeah I feel that I've had a bad case of the ricks too...dammit, but you know what better now that I'm healing girl...keep on healing...
Ileana said…
Beautiful, Shay! Think you got your point across, Chica? lol

Btw, better Rick than you. You deserve only the best, my friend.
G. B. Miller said…

The all purpose, excellent substitute noun/verb/adverb/adjective, to use in our day-to-day wanderings.

Thanks for the morning chuckle.
Dul├že ♥ said…
So many plain Ricks...in this plain world B******hell

Tahnk Goddess there are some goddesses like ou who just do not have to bear RIcks to a certain extent...
he he
RachelW said…
Hehe, that's too good. Maybe he should just rick off, what do you think?
Joanna Jenkins said…

"I hope his rick rolls down his pantleg and lands on your parents' Persian carpet."

Thank gawd I don't know anyone named Rick, otherwise I'd never be able to look at them the same way again.