Another Barfy Thanksgiving Post About Being Grateful And Such Like

Crow swooped down out of the sky and landed on Dappled Pony's head, then said,

"What are you grateful for, Dappled Pony?"

Immediately, Dappled Pony replied, "I am grateful that my head doesn't fall off when you land on it like that."

Then she added, "What are you grateful for?"

Crow said, "I am grateful that my ass is not an anvil. I am grateful that my wings are not weights."

After a moment, Dappled Pony observed, " My gratitude is bigger than your gratitude. Yours is so small that scientists have to find it with an electron microscope. Yours is so small that it can dance on the head of a pin and feel that it is in a ballroom. Yours is so small that you can't find it with tracking dogs, a map, and both hands."

"You don't say," drawled Crow. "So, who died and made you Queen? I should have landed on your head harder. Some people change after a crack on the cranium. The bilious and snappish become beaming beatific benevolent beings with the brains of babies."

"I should have ducked. Then you could have gotten back to the Earth, all in a jiffy. You could have kept going, all the way to China. You and your nest could have ended up in someone's soup. The impact would have left you flatter than a pancake. You could have become a frisbee. I feel that I have cheated you of all these opportunities."

"Well," said Crow generously, "I forgive you."

(brief silence)

"So, what are you really most grateful for today, Dappled Pony?"

Dappled Pony shook her mane and stamped her hoof. "For you, even though you are just a talking turd with feathers."

Crow replied, "And I am most grateful for you, even though you are nothing but future dog food. I hope that you will be my friend forever, and not go to the glue factory, but stay here with me."

Dappled Pony whinnied, as she tended to do when pleased.

"Crow, you can perch on my dome all day if you like. I rather enjoy having you there. I hope that you will not ever become a cat's Christmas present to its owner, but rather, stay here with me and be my buddy forever."

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers, from Crow, Dappled Pony, Everyone at Danny's Coffee Shop, Bosco, and his faithful human, Fireblossom.  xoxo  Let's eat!




Robert Lloyd said…
Loved it Fire. It made me laugh this morning. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful peice. I think we all have relationships like Crow's and Dapple Ponie's. As a matter of fact I'll be telling a few folks today that I hope they never make the glue factory. Have a safe and happy one.
Cheryl said…
Sweet and salty, FB. Happy day to you too!
Brian Miller said…
so glad mine is not an anvil as well...have a marvelous day shay
ellen abbott said…
the best T-day post I've read yet. Alas, even I succumbed to a bit of sap.
Kay said…
so, I see you have met my family....

Enjoy! and Happy Thanksgiving.
TALON said…
"a talking turd with feathers" - only a Shay-style pony could come up with a line like that!

I'm grateful Shay is my friend. :)

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, Shay!
Maude Lynn said…
Dappled Pony: "I'm grateful that you didn't turd bomb my head on your way down."
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Loved every word. Speaking as one whose Head FEELS like an avil most days:)
hedgewitch said…
Thanks for the scalpel-like dissection of barfy thankfulness, and the contrast of genuine stuffed-make-believe-imaginary pony love. It gets tiresome being told one needs to be grateful for having skin and stuff...ok, now going back to making deviled eggs...
Jannie Funster said…
Ahhhh, so all these cracks on my head over the years have been GOOD for me. Of course!

Have a barfingly happy day.

Ileana said…
I'm with Talon, the "talking turd with feathers" line is a memorable one! :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my favorite characters!!
Daryl said…
Grateful for all the nice friends in my computer
who said…
Happy Thnaksgiving Shay!

I meant to say that earlier (yesterday) I think my comment ended up a couple posts down.

nice poem over at Cloudia's too
moondustwriter said…
If my rear were an anvil I could do some serious damage

Shay - I'm thankful for your amazing hilarity (well what's another word for thankful 'really glad")

Hugs from your Moon sister