Polar Expedition, 1897

Andree's pole-bound balloon met with a bad fate;
Ice formed on the skin, it went down from the weight.

Curious polar bears
Fearless and bright
Paid for curiosity
By rifle and sight

Andree and his crew, with their numb, frozen feet
Died of trichinosis from contaminated meat.

Curious explorers
To this wasteland repair
To die of curiosity
Same as the bear.


for One Shoot Sunday.

This is a true story.



Brian Miller said…
silly explorers...i think the bears believed in karma...
signed...bkm said…
Curious polar bears...curious people, curious has its price and often its rewards....nice write...bkm
hedgewitch said…
Most original of the poems I've read for this pic. Thanks for the true story told a bit awry. Been fascinated by the insane, arrogant & doomed 19th century Arctic expeditions ever since I read The Terror by Dan Simmons--one super creeped-out book if you're into that.
Kay said…
if curiosity kills... consider me dead! :) Very cute rhythm, my dear.
Reflections said…
Love exploring the vast wonders of nature at its best.

Interesting take on the photo, unexpected but fun. Love the curiosity of polar bears....
Caty said…
We've all been told that curiosity kills the...well, the polar bears and explorers
Bubba said…
You did a nifty job on this one, with the rhymes carrying the story along. It almost sounded cute, despite the subject matter.
mac said…
If the bears could have just waiteed for a while longer, they could have had explorers for dinner !
Ileana said…
What fate awaits me, chica? I am forever curious.
Daryl said…
What goes 'round, comes 'round ..
dustus said…
Great poetic tale. A balloon ride no one survived. Creative. Love it.
Lynn said…
I feel equally sorry for the bears and the explorers.
Maude Lynn said…
Wow, Shay! This is just amazing!
Dear Tiger-friend,
Curiosity of polar bears is best explored from the comfort of my living room. No danger when I watch them on the National Geographic channel.
I am, as always, astounded how you say so much with so few words. You, my friend, have a gift!
libithina said…
what a tale you weaved Shay ~ curiosity carried the sway and the repeat had it nailed ~ LOved it, Imagery ~ originality ~ Polar Bears are so beautiful ~ *heartsmiles* Lib
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is simply brilliant. The mood so perfectly matches the image. The full circle use of curiosity really works. Wonderful poem.
Sara said…

I like the visual aspect of this poem, as well it's words and meaning. I guess you can chalk up one to the bears in this one. Well written:~)

However, I do admire explorers; those who dare to follow their curiosity.

Explorers will always be double edged swords -- they give us knowledge, but they also break the safety seal of the places they find:~)
Carrie Van Horn said…
Many an explorer has met this fate....an amazing write Shay as always...hope you have an awesome Monday! :-)
Cloudia said…
Your simplicity is rich, and in no way "simple."


Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral


Marcus Goodyear said…
I missed this one yesterday, but I think it has to be my favorite from the whole game. Fantastic!

The four couplets work really well together, and breaking the second and fourth couplet into four line stanzas makes them feel almost like a limerick.

Really. I love this.
Marshy said…
that was good....very, very good...and away from the greyness...cheers pete