Thursday arrives in a plain brown cardboard box,

Very early,

And postage due.

I bring it inside--

(I subscribe to these days of the week,

Also to Redbook, Curve, Time, and The Star.)

I open the box and lift Thursday out of its nest of little styrofoam peanuts.

My dog barks at it,

And tries to herd it into a corner of the kitchen.

Thursday speaks:

"Are you already fed up with the work week?"

I chew my fingernail and nod.

"Do you wish it was the weekend?"

I give Thursday my brightest smile.

"Well it isn't, and you have to work today. Not only that, but it isn't even Friday yet."

With a cry, the dog and I both lunge for Thursday,

Intending to do murder right there next to the dishwasher,

But Thursday jumps into a nearby calendar and hides.

The dog and I look at each other.

He whines.

I moan.

We will be having to deal with Thursday all day long.

The dog pees on the tile.

I bang my head against the cupboard doors.

Good morning.

It's Thursday!



Unknown said…
Thursday is the Kato Kaelin of the week..just hangin on, sucking off Friday's future

eff you Thursday, we're on to you.
Bubba said…
The heck with Thursday - get Monday off my calendar! (LOL!)
Tess Kincaid said…
And it's gonna be Thursday all day. I loved this. Thanks for the smiles.
Lynn said…
This is so great, Shay! And I like your postal service references. The funny thing is - I was just thinking that I hope Thursday goes by quickly so I can get to the weekend. Hope your day includes lovely weather and light packages (and no snarling dogs.) :)
mac said…
Thursday is harsh for me this week too. I was off Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is like a damned Monday.
At least I start late. I still slept in. I'll take these small victories.
But, I swear, if Thursday mocks me next week, I'm throwing hot turkey giblets on it's face!
Susannah said…
I love the way your mind works. :-)
hedgewitch said…
Tuesday was always the day I hated most, stranded in a boring stonehenge of weekdays that had to be ritually danced around before all-too-brief freedom could be attained, but I agree Thursday is pretty good at torturing you, too. I'm glad you slapped it around a bit here--it totally deserves it.
Caty said…
LOL...happy thursday too you too! Saturday will be here before you know it, but then again, so will Monday
ellen abbott said…
Not hump day, not Friday. What the hell good is it?
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I laughed out loud so hard at this. It is hilarious and brilliant and wonderful. I marvel at your mind and all that comes forth from it. I loved the dog peeing on the tile and you banging your head on the cupboards. Loved the wanting to do murder beside the dishwasher. So funny, so much fun!
TALON said…
Bosco feels your pain, Shay. Days are terrible creatures to herd for even the most awesome of dogs.

I like your personification of Thursday. So true - we each have days that are heavier and harder to bear.
Daryl said…
AND .. I know this wont thrill you but Sunday has less hours ..
Ileana said…
This is perfect, Shay! I love my Wed. nights but Thursdays are like a smack in the face...and a tease (not quite the weekend but almost).

Hope to chat with you soon, Chica!
Granny Annie said…
Just know that someday you will be retired and not have to open those boxes anymore:)
Carrie Van Horn said…
Shay only you could bring Thursday to life in such an amazing way!...Hope you are having a wonderful Friday though! :-)
Sara said…
Shay -- You have the best sense of humor. I enjoyed this poem very much and laughed as I read it.

moondustwriter said…
Thursdays can be pesky like Mondays

Nice way to put Thursday in its place

Moonie smiles for a friend
Brian Miller said…
haha...darn thursday standing between me and the weekend...burn the calendar shay...burn the freaking
G-Man said…
Postage due...?
And it still arrived?
You have an insider at the PO?
Thursday is only good if you have Friday off....
You Rock Baby...:-)
faye said…
I have to confess.... I love to see
Thursdays. One week my work ends 6am.
on Thursday.. the nest week it ends
at 6 am Friday, but just knowing that
once it begins it signals the
promise of time off is good enough for me.

Have a great weekend !!

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