The Queen of the Vampires slips between buildings in the night--

She glides like a dark idea you won't admit to...

She is hungry

She is not exactly human

She is there, in the shadows, waiting.

The stars over Norman are exactly seven more than normal--

They are scattered like bubbles in the blood upon seeing one's beloved,

They can stop a heart

Or start one.

The QOTV is a needful girl tonight,

Her nature demanding,

Yet completely familiar,

Like a pet that bites.

Here comes someone.

Here comes someone down the sidewalk, like a drop of blood down the skin of a throat...

Here comes a warm living soul.


The QOTV feels each muscle tense and relax in the ancient dance--

She feels half primed already, just from anticipation.

The walker draws close, like an omen of the end time,

And the QOTV steps out from her place of concealment,

A smooth soft blur;

She is on her like her next breath,

For the walker is definitely female.

The QOTV goes for the throat,

Bitch to her natural desires, unthinking, an embodied rush of need.

The woman laughs,

Then doesn't,

As they sway into a corner together.

"Baby," she manages between kisses.

The QOTV only makes purring sounds that say,

"I missed you

Only you

Out of this whole goddam world."

Blood can be gotten elsewhere, from anyone--

Right now, the QOTV is all about the Dark-Haired Chick, for that is who it is;

And who is the prey,

And where solid ground has gone

Is anybody's guess.


for One Shot Wednesday


Bubba said…
Sexy and seductive, with just a hint of evil... well done, Shay!
Jinksy said…
Who needs solid ground when you're in seventh heaven? lol :)
Tess Kincaid said…
I love "like a dark idea you won't admit to". Cool write.
Dear Tiger-friend!!!OMG! What a synchronicity. Both of us wrote about vampires today. What are the odds? Only, I assure you there is no profound poetry in my piece. I love that last line, "And where solid ground had gone is anybody's guess." LOVE IT!
Brian Miller said…
This one kinda excites me a the close...where has solidground gone...i get lost in the sensuality...whew...
Daryl said…
Ohyes and after they'll go to Danny's!!
I like this very audacious and out there poem! Brava! J
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Holy freaking mackerel! Can you ever WRITE. Like a wizard. Loved every word and every "Jackpot." Love "like an omen of the end time." I am in total awe. Wonderful fabulous writing! Argh. It makes me want to rend my garments because I cant write like that:)
Carrie Van Horn said…
This is truly CAPTIVATING! Another amazing write Shay! :-)
Desert Rose said…
SENSATIONAL..full of life, desire you are awesome shay! I LOVE READING YOU..delicious feelings all the way..:)
Lynn said…
I also like that line "She glides like a dark idea you won't admit to..."
Claudia said…
oh wow shay - what a story...just lost solid ground myself a bit...
hedgewitch said…
Excellent work. Deft thrusts of words, suitable to a prey & predator encounter--and what else does seduction start with? Google let me know what QOTV was--but your poem also gave me its own definition. If your 7 stars over Norman ref is to Norman Ok, regards from the Dust Bowl.
Glynn said…
The tension builds nice -- and then explodes into more tension. Well done.
Unknown said…
bloody brilliant...only you out of this whole goddamn world

exactly :)
Fireblossom said…
Dear Hedgewitch...QOTV is just shorthand so I don't have to write out "Queen of the Vampires" every time. And yes, Norman OK is the home of my fictional hang-out, Danny's Coffee Shop.
fabulous, you are quite good at this!

excellent reading.
Cloudia said…
anybody's guess!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

Ileana said…
Chica, this is fun-tastic! Now, who's YOUR prey?? ;)
Unknown said…
She glides like a dark idea you won't admit this!
mac said…
Who is the prey, indeed.

QOTV, badassed as she is, might just be in trouble...
Snsual and interesting.. I enjoyed it so much..."Half primed just from anticipation".. very powerful words...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
SY said…
she's sounds a lot like me
TALON said…
Oh, I'm so glad the woman turned out to be the Dark-Haired Chick. The QOTV needs some TLC. Lots of it.
Lisa said…
Nice :) Just got in from work, this is the first thing i've seen! YEEHAW! Your work + VAMPIRES + cup o' tea + ciggie ---> my days just gettin better and better.

Thank you :)
Shadow said…
superb! you should compile all of these into a neat little book, you know...
Jannie Funster said…
I have heard of this Norman place, fine fine women there.

Marshy said…
i want to comment on the poem....but it was vampires...and you know that would have hooked me from the start!!!! the poem was great...but it was vampires so from a great poem grew an amazing write...ok i like vampires...but i like your work too! cheers Pete
Mama Zen said…
This took my breath away. Lots of comments already about the "dark idea" line. I also think the passage about bubbles in the blood stopping a heart is brilliant.
Caty said…
Move over Charlaine Harris and Stephanie Myers. You're QOTV stories are so much more exciting!

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