Winter At Mayfair

I saw you were back
And the old room opened up--
But, like a sinner,
It had lost its soul.

It was at Mayfair I said, "I love you".
It was there you made me come--
Leaving you so charmingly
So winningly smug.

Secrets leaked and stained the ceiling.
Dishonesty crawled within the walls--
And though the floors of polished wood
Lit us,
Raised us,
To nearly-good,
We were in by Spring, back out in the Fall.

Now I heard you were back,
And the old room opened up--
Holding only empty echoes
And no living trace of us.

So I opened up a window
To let in November air,
Left the door standing open
For the next eager, trusting tenants
Who'll winter at Mayfair.


Ileana said…
Ooh, nice one, Shay! I hope the new tenant looks like Joan Jett and stays a while.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Beautiful, Shay. Ditto re the tenant you so deserve. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little girl praying to withstand the fucktards. Hee hee. Made me smile. You are so unique!
hedgewitch said…
After losing it over that *sweet* Child's Prayer you installed, I read this. Three times. 'winningly smug,' (I've seen that, I think; a certain youthful prideful 'so I did that' snark that charms, indeed) After many a moving day myself, I still go back and visit my empty rooms. Sometimes you can pick up an old earring, or something....
Helen said…
I can never resist the lure of one more look ...... I've done it many times.
Jinksy said…
The room in the photograph exudes love, despite its being apparently empty...
I feel Dorothy Parker in this poem. I feel like this is a poem that should be in the New Yorker in the 1940's or today. Lovely, lovely Tiger-friend.xoxo
mac said…
Do they even know what they are about to experience?
ellen abbott said…
probably a good thing and a relief the old room holds no echoes.
Holland said…
Empty rooms are so full of memories and so empty of live. I agree with you to let the November air in.
Unknown said…
ugh, but just one look...and you fall so hard, hard, hard


just like me
TALON said…
I always think spaces hold energies of those who've been there before. The new inhabitants of Mayfair are going to add even moer stains and secrets...

Beautiful, Shay...
Mama Zen said…
First, this is gorgeous. I would probably say more, but I was totally thrown by the comments about a little girl praying about fucktards.

Oh . . . must scroll up!
Tess Kincaid said…
Love this one. LOVE it.

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